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  1. © Copyright 2021 - CNC Molds N Stuff

  2. © Copyright 2021 - CNC Molds N Stuff

  3. © Copyright 2021 - CNC Molds N Stuff

  4. © Copyright 2021 - CNC Molds N Stuff

  5. © Copyright 2021 - CNC Molds N Stuff

  6. LTB BT Punch Craw mold, preferably 4 cavity.
  7. I just posted a bunch of pics in the gallery. Most of them are part of my SS Craw series. I also posted one really transparent baby gill. Let me know what you think.
  8. Chuck Young

    BG, Baby Ghost.JPG

    New patterns from Chuck's Custom lures. Most of these Craw patterns are in my SS series
  9. I wonder a couple things about craw crankbaits: I don't see many painted in accurate "match the hatch" molting stages; hard shell, peeler, mushy and leather back. The patterns reverse the direction a crawdad normally "scoots". A bass would almost always "hit" the claws and head first then turn it before ingesting. If the reversed pattern seems to work the best, why not add a bit of weight near the bait's rear eye so it would settle like a real craw, tail first, claws up in a defensive mode. Seems a guy could use a 2.5 body and paint it similar to a Koppers. I've attached close to what most older crawfish look like in our rivers, ponds and lakes in Iowa if it were in an aquarium. It would be a bit darker in its natural habitat. I've just begun to look at crankbait designing and DIY methods so just curious.
  10. Chuck Young

    craw, stone cold

    Developed this pattern for rocky areas. the yellow is fluorescent yellow muted by a little pearl white. Just making it up as I go.
  11. Chuck Young

    craw, grassy knoll

    Just starting with craws. This one is loaded with pearls. The pinkish color is fluorescent.
  12. mdojet

    "Antique Treasure Craw"

    Took my "Crackle method" a step further and made this!

    © Lure Me In Custom Painted Crankbaits

  13. mdojet

    "Antique Treasure Craw"

    © Lure Me In Custom Painted Crankbaits

  14. mdojet

    "Antique Treasure Craw"

    © Lure Me In Custom Painted Crankbaits

  15. zev11

    Green Pumpkin Craw

    First attempt at a craw pattern painted on an unfinished balsa bait I had laying around. I based my stencil pattern off a craw pattern Bobp painted a while back.
  16. O'l Robzilla

    Blue Craw.

    © RLM

  17. © RLM

  18. Hi. First post here. I've wondering about a lip/bill modification that I've seen done on some of the rebel deepwee crawfish crank baits. Megabass particularly adds a bearing into the cylinder under the lip. Has anyone here done something similar with different bills? I was going to give some extremely tough marine style adhesives a try, anyone have any good idea on how this could be done best? Notice the Deep Wee crawfish bill in this picture if you don't understand what I mean. http://i.ytimg.com/vi/vNRkMbbIess/maxresdefault.jpg
  19. mdojet

    Lipless Pumpkin Craw

    Lipless crankbait in a Pumpkin Craw pattern with Chartreuse belly. Black fleck on the craw shell sections

    © Lure Me In Crankbaits

  20. Pumpkin Craw with Chartreuse belly. There is black fleck on the shell sections.

    © Lure Me In Crankbaits

  21. Hokieangler

    1.5 ko

    Craw pattern
  22. FatSack

    Craw Pattern

    Finally got this where I like it. Your comments are welcomed!
  23. Better late than never. Hey guys, i want to show you my latest big bait which i designed from scratch. It is a handpoured craw of about 14 inches (body and claws) and 16.5 inches overall, made for all big predators like big pikes or european catfish. But big Cods will probably love it too. I hope you like it!
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