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Found 2 results

  1. Hey folks, Does anyone happen to know any custom CNC machinist that make custom soft plastic molds? I have a few ideas in mind regarding a custom design, but am having trouble locating someone that could work with me in the CAD and CNC realm. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated. -Southernmost
  2. I've had an RCBS Pro Melt for a while now... In the box on the bottom shelf of my mold rejects and failures recycling cart. Last week I was testing some tiny little jig molds, using my Lee Pot 10lb bottom pour put, and they just wouldn't pour. Then I noticed the top of the lead was freezing over. Gack! I know from reading I should expect a failure sooner or later, but I was still frustrated. I grabbed one of the cheap little Palmer Pots and all the molds I was testing filled just fine. Admittedly the Palmer doesn't have the hours on it the Lee Pot does. Anyway, I don't really want to make the Palmer Pot my main pot. It doesn't even hold enough lead for some of the molds I've made. Today I finally took the RCBS Pro Melt out of the box and set it up. The instructions are ok, but they are hardly necessary. The diagram is good enough. I did the warm up cycle. 15 minutes on low, then turn up the temp to 650 and go. While some scraps were melting in the Pro Melt I plugged in the Lee pot and took a torch to the top of the lead. It was nearly full. After a few minutes I poured 8 lbs or so out of the Lee Pot into the RCBS Pro Melt. There was a pound or two in it before made the transfer, and after it still looked empty. This thing holds a LOT of lead. That's when I noticed something. No more cutting up the standard five pound bars from Roto Metals. I can just set one in the pot and it doesn't even have to hit the valve rod or lever handle. Just go do some clean up and wait for it to melt down into the pot. Did I say it holds a LOT of lead. With around 15lbs of lead in the pot it still didn't look like it was close to full. The valve flows lead FAST too. I was testing a prototype spinner bait mold and I turned down the adjuster three times and it was still to fast. I might be able to fill some of those large cavity molds with it that I've only been able to pour with my big cast iron pouring pot in the past. The Pro Melt sits higher off of its base than either of the Lee bottom pour pots. The 10lb or the 20lb. Well over 4 inches of clearance. As you can see from the picture there is almost (not quite) five inches under the spout. Lots of room to get molds under the spout. The jury is out about the guide rod and the guide collars, but I'll give it a try. Seeing that I am lined up in both directions when casting has always been and issue for me, so I can see the appeal. I wish I had gotten this thing out of the box a long time ago. It puts the Lee Pot to shame. Now don't get me wrong. I used the Lee pot for about two years, and I've put a fair amount of lead thru it testing molds. The Lee Pot is not "bad." Its just not in the same class as the RCBS Pro Melt. It doesn't even go to the same school. If I could not afford the Pro Melt I'd buy a Lee Pot, but if I had the cash I'd buy the RCBS Pro Melt first. I don't do production level pouring, but I pour a fair amount of lead. I poured a few pounds today testing. I'm working on some weighted swimbait hook ideas so I'll probably pour a few more pounds tomorrow. A lead pot gets some use in my shop. So... ask me if I still like my RCBS Pro Melt after its seen two years use in the shop. That's the true test.
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