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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has made their own dip it dye? I've used Spike It in past with good results but cost of doing a few dozen pkgs of grubs has me thinking of trying a DIY dye. I have read acetone and worm dye works but my experiment with this softened the tails of grubs to the point, they fell off after dipping. Was my mixture too strong (2 oz. acetone to 12 drops of dye)? Any help would be much appreciated. If this has been discussed before, I apologize-search came up zero. Thanks, NVG
  2. got some Metallic Glitter Pearl Pigment Powder from ebay mix 100g in 500ml plastisol as dye .. 30 drops in 500ml plastisol got me this 30 yellow drops from a 30ml bottles in 500ml plastisol got me this: love the Nebula colors
  3. Hey folks, I have been scouring the internet trying to find a way to decently dye the tails of my paddle tails. My main concern is not being able to effectively dye dark colored lures and make them have a nice chartreuse paddle tail. I have tried Spike It which works very nicely for light colored lures. I have also tried K. Wigglers, which does indeed dye dark lures chartreuse, as they use some sort of silicone rubber, but I get terrible bubbles trapped in the dye, and the lure just looks bad. Had anyone had success with other ways of dyeing their tails? Spike It has that spray paint stuff, but they don't make it in a bright chartreuse color. Would airbrushing be the way to go? Thanks in advance for your help. -Taylor
  4. So I just about ready to start pouring my first, but I need a couple of more things clarified. The plan is to start with some of the Make Lure Youtube lures so simple top pours (though a two piece Mr Wiggly would be the next step) I have a plastics dealer that carries smooth-on, I was not sure which of the products was the right one for my application. Also like a mad man when I special ordered my plastisol (from a different place) I did not order dyes, but the smooth-on dealer does have smooth-on colorants they did have a sample tube that has enough colors for me to play around a bit but it was marked as epoxy colorant. Would a craft store have the right sort of glitters, I figure I am looking for heat resistant – non-metallic? Silver glitter will work for now. Cross border ordering is a PIA so as much as I can I want to work local.
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