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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, Well I'm getting started in lure painting, I recently purchased an IWATA ECLIPSE and 3 sets or CREATEX (pearlized, opaque, tropical) paint, I have not yet painted a single lure yet. so my question is did I really need to purchase CREATEX paint or is there other brand name paints that are cheaper that work just as well? HOBBY LOBBY $4.99 per 2oz KINDA PRICEY for me. luckily I came across sets that where much cheaper at COASTAIRBRUSH.COM. So one last question the airbrush I baught was origanally $210 dollars at Hobby Lobby but I had a 40% off coupon. Was purchasing this expensive airbrush needed? OK well I hope I can get those two questions answered. THANK YOU much ahead of time.
  2. A roach pattern found only in Europe and Asia. It has a lateral rattle in it.
  3. DGagner

    Goa'uld swimbait

    Fashioned loosely after a goa'uld symbiote as seen on the scifi show Stargate SG-1. Just for fun.
  4. DGagner

    Perch, my first bait

    My first attempt at making a crankbait.
  5. DGagner

    Green crankbait

    Shallow diver
  6. DGagner

    Deeper diver

    I often see these coughed up by bass that I catch. Deep diver
  7. DGagner

    Cross rattle jerk bait

    This bait has a rattle that vibrates from side to side.
  8. My signature Northwoods Blue Gill on a grave digger lipless crankbait
  9. Hey guys, So I have this new glider that guys are going nuts for and ive switched to plastic and its pretty much ready to be produced in quantity. Unlike my previous models that were wood. I opted to go hard plastic so I can produce more to sell. My only problem is that painting is seriously kicking my butt. Im not quite sure what the issue is. I use plastic resin from a company called fabricast 50 from specialty resins. Now the main problem im assuming is the bonding. But it only really occurs on the back and belly of the bait. So thats no good when it comes to epoxying. It's almost like something is coming through the bait which I thought was some sort of contamination. But I use wax and grease remover prior to priming. Is it the spray bomb primer? Should I use a adhesive spray instead?
  10. HTJ Lures

    Mothman Spinnerbait

    Mothman 3/4 oz. spinnerbait (The Feared Monster all the way from the hills of WV!) This lure has Polished Double Willow blades and Green Baby Bass Willow blade on back with ball bearing swivel to Fly thru the water and attack like no other! Quality 4/0 size name brand hook to help catch more fish!

    © HTJ Lures

  11. The "Baja Bugger" 3/4 oz. spinnerbait This Lure has polished double #4 nickle willow blades and ball bearing swivel with a bait scented Jellyfish like tentacle legs trailer. Designed to run through fresh & saltwater! Quality 4/0 size hook.

    © HTJ Lures

  12. This Northern Leopard Frog is hand carved from California burch. We take careful consideration when fine tuning these guys and then paint them to imitate actual frogs in nature. This lure has a good reputation for being the baddest frog in the pond! We are proud of this one!

    © Patent pending

  13. I make my lure from a spent 40 caliber casing that is capped with a heavy bead,stainless shaft,gold blade, and finished with a dressed trebble.

    © myfishybusiness

  14. So I am kinda new to the area I live in at the moment and the main area of fishing is the Mississippi River in central Minnesota... and since I don't have my boat here it has all been done from shore. Now there have been plenty of people telling me there are walleyes to be had in the river even from shore but I had yet to catch one. I tried jigging with a minnow, I tried bottom fishing with minnows, crawlers, dead smelt... still no walleye... lots of bass... no walleye... so yesterday since the weather was cold and overcast I went to the dam on the deep side and just started chucking every crankbait I had in the box... started small and worked up to the biggest I had which is the largest Shad Rap Rapala makes for very deep fishing... and finally on the good old blue and silver color... I got a small one... which made a great dinner for me... but that reminded me... in the fall fish are feeding for winter and putting on fat... so they generally won't bother with the small stuff because its to much work for the small amount of food... that is why the big crank got the fish and why other people also caught fish on big Husky Jerk style lures and large spinners... in the fall Bigger is Better...
  15. Lately ive been looking into some airbrushes, ive looked at the 100 dollar kits that come with compressors, paint, hose, etc but most of them have very unpleasant reviews, ranging from the product doesnt even work, to the product is not detailed enough, does anyone have any recommendations on a reletively cheap brush and compressor?
  16. Hey Guys, This is just an idea. Why don't we have a thread in the hard bait section Just for reference photos? I think it would be an awesome idea to have everyone on the forms post there own reference photos, including pictures you have taken of fish you have caught. I think it would be cool to have a bunch of different photos of different fish from different places. What do you guys think? Thanks, Brad
  17. BigFisher

    Cool fly

    this is a little fly I did a while back that I was messing around with
  18. rico.29

    Minnow fly

    Just a little minnow , this imitation do the job on seabass overhere. make me think of a little mackrel

    © eric

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