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Found 8 results

  1. First ever pour how do you guys think they turned out? Also why won’t the tails fully complete at the ends of some of them. Any reason off the top of your head why that happens? Also if I just put glitter in the plastisol will it come out clear? Thanks everyone for the help I’ve been getting! I think this color turned out great let me know what you think about the color also!
  2. I have a giant bottle of non-tarnish gold colored glitter but I don’t know if I can use it. Can I? Do I need a certain kind? Please help! Thanks in advance!
  3. i was looking to match this junebug color glitter i have kelly green but it looks like it has some blue in it any glitter help would be appreciated on this one
  4. O'l Robzilla

    Stick Bait

    Red and Yellow with holographic sides with chartreuse glitter.

    © RLM

  5. I searched this forum for info on glitter applied to lures and found a lot of good information so this topic may be covered elsewhere (just can find it), but here goes. I have a guy who wants a shiny stripe painted along the lateral lines on some of his lures. I figured on just using iridescent paint to make the stripe. Turns out he wants a glitter stripe using "rainbow" colored glitter over turquoise paint. I've use glitter on a few baits but I don't use it a lot and never for detail stuff like a stripe. I'm thinking of using a stencil for the stripe then removing the stencil before the stripe dries to avoid a sharp edge. Not sure about this at all! I'm guessing someone on TU knows how to put a glitter stripe on and make it look great. I could use a little tutoring on glitter products to use, how to apply them, etc. Hope someone has the time to discuss this. I want to do this right as I like the guy, he's an old-timer who has shown me a lot of good "honeyholes" and offered up a lot of fishing wisdom. Appreciate any help offered.
  6. Has anybody used Krylon glitter paint in a rattle can for some flash?
  7. Looking to match a lure top coat on some spinnerbaits. I think it is a white base coat. Then a clear with a neon green and blue super fine glitter suspended giving it a holographic effect. I will be applying ot the body and blades I can't find a color chart for the Pro-Tec Glitter Top Coat. I can brush liquid or dip powder since I am only doing a few one offs. I will be matching this on twin willow leafs with a custom Silicone Pearl/Blk Flake Blue Tint Holographic skirt. The idea is for our western clear water lakes that have shad. The bass seems to respond to white willow leafs and ghost/holographic baits. Thanks in advance for any help.
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