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Found 20 results

  1. Hello, My name is Gonzalo, I'm from Argentina and this is my first post, I hope don't break any rule with my post. This is my first rat lure...walk the dog stile with one knocker rattling. Is made in 2 parts of Poplar wood and harden with epoxi adhesive dilute in thinner and apply by paintbrush I hope you like it!!
  2. I'm not quite sure if this will bring about anything but I figured that I would try anyways. For years my dad, and late grandfather, have told me stories about a lure that my late grandfather designed and sold. This would have been decades ago called the Carter Spider. Simple design from what I have heard. Simply put it was a customization of a spinnerbait with a bit of rubber that allowed the skirt to move through the water similar to a spider. From what I have heard it was such an amazing lure that supposedly big name bass anglers would even use it, if I remember correctly even the likes of Bill Dance and Jimmy Houston. Not entirely sure if I remember that 100% correctly. Anyways, what I am asking is if anyone knows anything about this lure, or most importantly, if anyone knows if one still exists. It would mean the world to me if I could find one and present it to my dad. His dad, my late grandfather, owned a store in Hot Springs, AR and custom made rods and this lure I believe it was called something along the lines of Carter Fishing Supplies. Thank you for your time.
  3. Cardoff

    Plumb Crazy

    © Copyright 2019 Chad G. Ardoff All rights reserved.

  4. Cardoff

    Plumb Crazy 2

    © Copyright 2019 Chad G. Ardoff All rights reserved.

  5. Cardoff

    Plumb Crazy 3

    © Copyright 2019 Chad G. Ardoff All rights reserved.

  6. so i am designing a mix between a crank-bait and a spinner-bait i am calling it an inspin a lure that should in theory combine the flash of a spinner blade and the look of a crankbait by having a hole drilled right thru it and what i have determined to be a metal insert tube that has the spinner blade on a wire that runs through it what i need to know is what i am capable of using as that wire i found somewhere that piano wire may work but i cant find any info anywhere else other than on aircraft forums and i also need to know the best way to make the insert weather welding, brazing, or soldering i have inventor files if anyone needs them to better understand what i'm talking about i should also say i'm sorry if i messed up the title i have never used a forum before and had no idea what to title it
  7. Hand carved oak, eye screws, sz8 treble hooks, and plastic lip.
  8. Mahogany musky bait, 10.5”, stainless steel eye screws, glass muskellunge eyes, Mustad 5.0 trebles, Enviro Tex Lite.
  9. Carefully handmade from maple, these lures include high quality treble hooks and components, and will catch any fish that would eat bait of this size.
  10. Gab_Mercier

    IMG 4023

    Handmade wooden fishing lure! www.mercierlures.ca
  11. Just a little crank bait I made from PVC. Moves a lot like a wiggle wart in the water.

    © AC2016

  12. HTJ Lures

    Mothman Spinnerbait

    Mothman 3/4 oz. spinnerbait (The Feared Monster all the way from the hills of WV!) This lure has Polished Double Willow blades and Green Baby Bass Willow blade on back with ball bearing swivel to Fly thru the water and attack like no other! Quality 4/0 size name brand hook to help catch more fish!

    © HTJ Lures

  13. Excellsiorlures


    This is a two piece shiner lure hand carved from a piece of dried pine, it is all stainless hardwear and has a few coats of epoxy to protected every thing.. Swims great at any speed I hope it will land a monster for the guy that bought it!
  14. smilinjoe

    USA Joe

    My finishing process intentionally raises the grain of the wood to enhance the look of the lure. The USA Joe is a top water bait and was inspired by my love of this great country I live in. Thanks! Smilin Joe
  15. So I'm about to start creating balsa crankbaits. I'm needing some help. I have the shop, the tools to cut, shape, drill, and paint. But I'm needing materials, so some assistance on where the best place to purchase stuff would be great. I need Paint, circuit board material, lexan, ballast weights, wood, and some general knowledge questions answered. I really would like to make a high quality product that not only looks good but works good too. And LASTS. What I want to know is what are some of the best ways to...cut bills, insert bills and line ties as well as hook hangers, I want to foil baits, so any info on what works for you or products that you've used would be awesome.
  16. JOKER


  17. This is one of my favorites that I have carved. I am inspired by antique handmade lures and baits. Body is hand-carved basswood with felt ears and leather tail.

    © Katie Bartle 2013

  18. Hi guys I have been talking with Northern Scripture on FB for awhile now and mentioning to him he should post his how to make bucktail videos here but seeing his job load has increased and been crazy actually making and selling his lures he asked if I could post the videos for him it is a three part series on how to make a feathered bucktail lure. Enjoy! and if you have any questions for him he does have an account on TU, or youtube or facebook so ask away he said he would do his best right now to answer all that he gets.
  19. sanhun

    mini lure 3cm 3g sinking

    100% handmade fishing lure by Sanhun

    © SanHun Lures

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