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Found 15 results

  1. What's up guys and gals Fischtales here Nicky Fisch out of the Phila tristate usa look forward to becoming familiar in this site and group but for now I guess I'll start with I am very confident in my hands and have constructed some improvised or otherwise homemade anything you can think of in my life it's kind of a passion of mine I all I am the type to spend 20 times what I could spend on something at the store to make a criticized equal but I would have it no other way I have constructed and engineered some awesome stuff andas I'm an avid fisherman this is my first time into messing with plastisol ...I've done a lot of research and I'm fairly confident with it made some remelts and some prototypes both in mold and finality but looking around the prices are all over when it comes to Raw plastisol hard or soft. I saw bait junkies is fairly decent when it comes to price for soft ... Otherwise bait Plastics dot-com seems like it is probably the most cost-effective at least pretty good in the way of gallons anybody know of a little bit cheaper one that still half decent? I've got some awesome bait I'm going to make you will love I'll give you some prototypes to any who can assist me 2 a best cost-effective route I'll offer some return thank yous .... also wondering if anyone has and offering for alternative base material for carving or sculpting hard swimbaits and segmented swimbaits from? I thought about wet foam and expanded foam with some kind of shell on it cuz you could rasp it easy but I think PE insulation foam maybe a better route or the new Hilti spray foam as its skins extremely hard a bit more cellular inside but still hard as a rock and easily shaped. Closed-cell pink or green PE insulation foam is obvious option as well just figured I'd get a heads forward on any good man or woman considerate enough to guide me with some base materials I'm sure to impress in the end and always willing to help anyway I can. If there are any elders on here who fancy fishing in general or and especially making lures who would consider any type of mentoring when it comes to skills being sharpened at the fishing game or making lures I would be honored. I'm 33 years old independent home contractor out of Delco got an old lady of 10 years kid slated due 7/5/18 and self employed home services contractor -FischCo Home Services & Remodeling... I hold personally a master's license in plumbing HVAC and electrical, as well as code competency certifications across the board for residential and Light commercial building code....Which I can attribute greatly to a few Elder mentors who took me under their wing years ago offering pointers and unbiased judgment which I consider to be the base opportunity that allowed me to establish myself professionally secure. I am very well intended to earn my opportunity in any case someone should feel they have anything to offer me in the way of knowledge or advantage personally and assure any assistance I can be in return professionally or personally I am glad to commit. Thank you in advance for any otherwise offered recommendation and by all means feel free to private message me with any regards to an opportunity which you can offer me education or criticism. Health and happiness my friends , look forward to becoming a regular with tackle Underground. I may know some of you I'm in a few local fishing communities Over The Wire. Keep them wet my friends look forward to a reply and especially you meant to work should that come out of this... as for fishing I consider myself well enough season to hang with some gangstas LOL I shouldn't let you down too bad hehe haha
  2. Surely I'm not the first one to think of this. I am new to this site and to lure making in general, and just recently started building bass jigs from scratch and realized I had everything I needed except a skirting tool. So I came up with this simple solution with an ink pen. Used a piece of copper wire to pull the silicone tabs through the pen.
  3. Thought I'd share the best/most useful, fly tying bench I ever made. Watch those garage sales for these old boxes. I've made 3 so far, and I plan to buy every one that I can find. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do. https://youtu.be/kN1GkscmOCY
  4. Hey guys, I figured this would be the perfect place for me to reach out to you guys who make soft plastic baits. I am a senior Industrial Design student at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA conducting research for my senior thesis project. My goal is to research the methods of the at-home (soft plastic) lure maker in an attempt to make the process safer and more efficient in the home workspace. Aside from being a student, I am also the product designer for Optimum Baits and a freelance designer for several other lure companies. While I do have a prototyping space of my own, all of the actual production of the designs are carried out at a large scale. This does not provide me with much insight for my project. From what I have seen in this group, there are some extremely gifted and creative people in here. Any of your input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time. https://goo.gl/forms/y7DImLhsLPS4pqgV2
  5. The "Got 'er Otter" slow retrieve topwater bait. It started out by wanting a bait that works when others don't. I carved a wood block I found in the garage, then sanded it to the shape I wanted for that perfect wobble. In the back, I used a magnum jig dancer blade, hardware from LPO and tied a trigger tail out of hackle feathers. Then there was the hard part...it took multiple prototypes to get it balanced & running the way I imagined. Once I figured it out, it had a click and wobble unlike any other bait I've casted & just knew it was finally right. THIS is the "Got 'er Otter" by Aaron "Chico" Rodriguez.
  6. I just made this rat and I was wondering how you guys like them?

    © TU @kt___4

  7. How can you make a swimbait out of things lying around your house?
  8. Pickadoll

    Jerk tails

    I tested some new techniques. Metal leaf, carved scales and a couple of different foils.
  9. kidskicks

    The Beer Buzzards

    This is the Beer Buzzard, Make of Beer caps,, You can put skirts, minnows and other trailers, and troll cast spin and most of Chuck En lures mentality,, Like a fly on a small stream

    © 2014

  10. gturcan

    wounded bass

    A wounded bass, 8.5" swimbait made of super tough urethane resine. The mold for this bait is based on a hand carved wooden model covered with a skin of 3D scales. The stainless steel hinges and hook eyes are casted in the bait's body. Airbrushed and coated with automotive clearcoat. Any votes are appreciated. Thank you for looking, Gabriel.
  11. Pickadoll

    First Own model

    This is my first own lure model ! Firetiger color. Jerkbait 15cm long. 58grams without hooks before coating process Made of Smooth on plastic Feather lite.
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