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Found 11 results

  1. Hello! I am new to lure making and I have a few questions. What types of blades should I use for panfishing, smallies and largies? A second question is how do I get an effect for a school of shad or creek chubs. This would be very helpful Thanks for your time in reading my question/helping me. Stay safe and kind regards. ~SBS
  2. This was a fun one to make. Got a new powder air brush. Painted a #3 french blade in a fire tiger patern. some gold colored beads, a 8mm chartreuse bead and then a brass skirt color with a "sexy shad" jig skirt. Think it's a good look that should work on river smallmouth pretty nice!
  3. 1/8 oz inline spinner with #3 gold/ brown trout Colorado blade. Gold metal body beads. 6mm red accent bead. #8 treble hook dresses with hand tied hackle and red flashabou
  4. MIkayakangler


    A single 8mm bead to look like a egg floating downriver
  5. scrubs

    dressed spinners

    Wanted to make up some small (4-5", .4-.5 oz) inlines for pike and muskie. First try dressing them other than tinsel. May be a little short when I look at what Northern Scripture, Dieter and some of the other guys have done. Critiques would be very much appreciated. bill
  6. fishratz

    Deceiver Spinner

    Custom tied "Deceiver Cockroach" fly on number 3/0 hook with 3D "Living Eyes" Custom Inline spinner with removable hook clip system, brass magnum 1/4oz body & #5 gold Colorado blade with custom holo scale lure tape. This is one of my best Largemouth Bass & Pickerel setups!
  7. Hi guys I have been talking with Northern Scripture on FB for awhile now and mentioning to him he should post his how to make bucktail videos here but seeing his job load has increased and been crazy actually making and selling his lures he asked if I could post the videos for him it is a three part series on how to make a feathered bucktail lure. Enjoy! and if you have any questions for him he does have an account on TU, or youtube or facebook so ask away he said he would do his best right now to answer all that he gets.
  8. scrubs

    spinner 2

    Close up of one of my first dressed spinners. N.S. influence is obvious. Critiques very much appreciated. bill
  9. scrubs

    spinner 4

    Close up of one of my first dressed spinners. N.S. influence is obvious. Critiques very much appreciated. bill
  10. scrubs

    spinner 3

    Close up of one of my first dressed spinners. Janns Netcraft lead body. Critiques very much appreciated. bill
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