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  1. I have made a crank bait out of Balsa that I like the action of. I have a template that I made of the side profile, but I can't make the crank bait body exactly the same from wood. Can you make molds of a crank bait body out of silicone and then make them out of resin. If so, how would I get the lip and weight into the crankbait? What silicone and resin would be best for it?
  2. I am just getting started pouring. I have some questions about some things that I think are important. My first question is If i was to pour one 3 cavity molds of 3 inch grubs out of a do it mold, where about should i fill the pyrex cup to and how much coloring and glitter to put in? My second question is how long should I let the plastic sit in the mold before taking the plastics out of the mold? My 3rd question is when heating up my plastisol should i heat up the plastisol a little then put coloring and fully heat it or just stir the platisol and put coloring in and heat it up to around 350 degrees? My final question is how should I heat up the mixture.Like to get to 350 degrees do I heat for 1:00 then stir and heat again or in different time intervals? I am looking forward to starting this hobby and much need the help from the experienced guys on this site. Anything else you think is important feel free to send. Thanks!
  3. Want to get into pouring soft plastics, but am interested in mainly hand pouring. however when I look at molds they are all injection molds, can I hand pour into those? if not what type of molds are for hand pouring? thanks,
  4. Looking for some references to get a custom jig mold created. I have hand drawings of what I’m looking for. Just need someone to put it in CAD and then Mill it. also - does anyone know the cost of getting spin cast molds made? I’m trying to figure out the numbers to go from hand pouring to a spin caster.
  5. Hey guys, does anyone know where you can buy a lifelike soft plastic trout swim bait mold?
  6. I am the principal at a small rural high school in Alabama. Our fishing team is looking for a year around fundraiser to support the team. We are considering offering hand poured baits locally as a way to make some money for the team. Is this a good idea from the money perspective?
  7. Hi all was wondering if anyone on here knows what exact materials are used to make hard composite molds for open pours. I've used silicons and they work great but wanted to try making some composite hard molds like the ones made by a Ukraine company on eBay. That's
  8. Though to tell and there are lots of white reflection spots due to the sun but this bait is more of a purple with blue glitter. I don’t know why ta showing up as dark as it is but hey I was more interested in showing off the baits flexibility. These things love to undulate and quiver on the fall.
  9. Does anyone know where to get this mold to make crankbait belly weights with lead and wire? Or is there a video out there somewhere that shows directions on how to make one of these molds? I've tried making one out of RTV but the wire would not stay verticle in the mold when pouring in the lead. Any info on this would be great!.. I wish Do-it made this mold so I could just buy it and their wireform inserts for it..
  10. Joelh831


    Not sure we’re to post this but if anyone knows or has a hilts 3 ounce scampi lead head mold. I’ve looked for one everywhere and the company doesn’t make that one anymore. Is thier places I could look for old lead molds, besides eBay I’ve tried that already. Thanks
  11. Joelh831


    Not sure we’re to post this but if anyone knows or has a hilts 3 ounce scampi lead head mold. I’ve looked for one everywhere and the company doesn’t make that one anymore. Is thier places I could look for old lead molds, besides eBay I’ve tried that already. Thanks
  12. I am looking for 3.5 swimbait mold. Do it has one similar the smoking shad but it’s a 3.75. I bought the mold second handed and he didn’t know who made it. There is a stamp inside that says CCM in it and has me thinking it’s a Caney Creek Mold. It’s probably a long shot just trying to find out if I am overlooking the maker of it.
  13. Hey folks, Does anyone happen to know any custom CNC machinist that make custom soft plastic molds? I have a few ideas in mind regarding a custom design, but am having trouble locating someone that could work with me in the CAD and CNC realm. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated. -Southernmost
  14. A while back we had a discussion on here somewhere about putting alignment pins in slightly larger than average holes. I was a big proponent of knurled pins. I've knurled lots of stuff in the past. Tool handles, injector nozzles, lock and adjuster nuts on optical mounts, and on my home made carbide scribes. Well, I accidentally drilled some press fit pin holes with the clearance size drill bit the other day. Oops. I decided to prove my point. Unfortunately the stainless that my stock pins is made of would not take a big enough knurl to do the job. I studied it on it a bit, and then decided to do some experiments. If the hole was only a thou or two I could get enough, but at 4 thousandths over size it was tough. Now I could have delved into my sealants and adhesives cabinet and dug out some of the exotic Loctites I have in there, but I wanted to see what the mechanical answers were. You can shim a hole of course, but its hard to do so it looks good. Maybe for my own mold, but not for a customer. Finally I just did it the easy way. I turned custom pins. No kidding. I keep 416L and 303 stainless rod (in a pinch my local metal vendors stocks 304) on hand for various other projects in a few sizes, so I just picked up a piece of 416 that was larger and turned it two about 3 thousands larger than the over sized hole. Then I turned the part that would stick out of the hole to the standard size to fit the clearance hole on the other plate, and radiused the end the way I normally do. Works perfectly. Now I wouldn't want to have to do hundreds of them, but the 5-10 minutes it took me to do one set was certainly more efficient than recutting the mold from scratch. Now that I've done a set could probably do it 2-3 minutes in the future. especially if I move the small lathe into the machine room with the big lathe so I don't have to walk back and forth. Making custom pins was the fastest and easiest way to do it. Now I want to be clear. I have knurled a pin to over size it to have an interference fit in a hole many times, but I've never done it before with such a small pin with that alloy. My vendor just says 18-8 which encompasses a whole range of stainless alloys. I hesitated to post this for a few days, because I know some guys who never make a mistake at anything might take it as an opportunity to be negative, but then I thought. So what. By posting this I might help somebody.
  15. I've been getting prepped to do some powder coating. So far I've done swirl and sprinkle. Preheat jigs and swirl them in the powder jar, and preheat spinnerbaits and sprinkle powder over them with a spoon. I've been using a heat gun because I have one anyway for shrink tube and other stuff in places where a torch just isn't a good idea. I have a couple torches too. Anyway as I look at the wall I can see that some of my precoated baits are better than others. The latter ones better than the former. Many of them clearly have way to much powder. making eye sockets to small or rounding features that should look sharper. Particularly on a spinnerbait head I have been working on a lot. I know many folks use a fluid bed, and I see the appeal. I can certainly make one in an hour or two probably faster once I've done one. I just begrudge my hour here and my hour there until I know it will work for what I want or I know I'm doing something nobody else has done before. Time is precious. I've probably got all of the parts in the shop. Most of the fluid beds I've seen made seem a little shallow for a spinnerbait. A cursory thought on it seems like you have to dip it hook first. I considered maybe something like slits down the sides with a rubber a neoprene flapper gasket, but I also though the heat in the wire and the hook might ruin the gasket fairly quickly. Even if it doesn't or I can find a high heat material like silicone to make such a flap it would still leak powder as the wire and hook slide up and down. That leaves me getting back to dipping hook first or setting up a more involve static gun and powder recovery system. Yeah. That's to much work if I am begrudging an hour to make a fluid bed. It seems a deeper fluid bed than most I see would be required. I don't think that's an issue. I thing I recall one person here is dipping a 10" saltwater bait in a deep fluid bed. My big concern is the hook. I sure don't want to powder coat the hook. Does the hook build enough heat while you are soaking the head in your heat source to hold powder? I know eyes on jigs sure do. I haven't baked anything because I don't have an oven in the shop yet, but I've got a wall full of stuff ready to bake.
  16. I've been using the Mustad heavy wire spinnerbait hooks, and I really like them, but in the bigger sizes (5/0 & 6/0) the eye is quite wide. I was wondering if there was a spinnerbait hook in those sizes (and length) and those heavy wire sizes that has a smaller eye. I really like the Mustad hooks, and they work great in most molds, but when I am pushing height and length while still trying to hit a target weight the thickness has to suffer. This makes the clearance around the eye very small and has a negative affect on the percentage of good pours from a mold. Yes, I'll email Harry at Mustad and ask if they have something different too, but this time of year I imagine he is quite busy. Now if I could only find my Mustad Hook catalog.
  17. Hey guys, I figured this would be the perfect place for me to reach out to you guys who make soft plastic baits. I am a senior Industrial Design student at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA conducting research for my senior thesis project. My goal is to research the methods of the at-home (soft plastic) lure maker in an attempt to make the process safer and more efficient in the home workspace. Aside from being a student, I am also the product designer for Optimum Baits and a freelance designer for several other lure companies. While I do have a prototyping space of my own, all of the actual production of the designs are carried out at a large scale. This does not provide me with much insight for my project. From what I have seen in this group, there are some extremely gifted and creative people in here. Any of your input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time. https://goo.gl/forms/y7DImLhsLPS4pqgV2
  18. What are some of the best molds you can buy for under $60
  19. Has anyone used any of Ultramolds products? I have recently started hand pouring and would like to get into the injection game. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  20. Hey you guys. I am looking at getting a couple more molds. I am wanting to get a nice beaver mold thats about 4.25" long and a 6" finesse worm for darter heading and shakey heading. The beaver I haave taken a look at the BTS split tail and was wondering what your guys' thought would be on that one or if you had an other suggestions? Also if anyone has any molds like that or a 6" worm I might be willing to purchase, however I am not wanting anything under 4 cavities because I have found lower that that is a pain to make a lot quickly. Thoughts and opinions? Also, I want to get a twin tail and hula grub??
  21. Does anyone have the Nightcrawler 4..25 inch mold from Lurecraft? It looks almost exact to a Biffle Bug from Gene Larew. I really like the mold but I don't want to chance it for $140 and end up hating the thing. If you have it, please let me know your thoughts about it and how it compares to a Biffle Bug. Thanks
  22. I came across this old kit in a yard sale. its a berkley power rattle. the front half is solid and the removable tail is soft plastic. My question is, does anybody know if a mold for the tail wold even exist?
  23. Was wondering what everybody's favorite craw soft plastic lure is. I would like to make a Plaster of Paris mold of a good craw. I have tried to mold a paca craw but had no luck due to the claws being to thin and not allowing enough plastic to fill them. Any replies would be appreciated.
  24. Hi I have no football jig mold Mold FBB-4H-AFM I wonder mustad a curved WORM hook that is compatible.SIN, THE MOLD MODIFY image attached. I hope you understand my words, I do not speak English, I live in Spain regards
  25. Hi, was wondering if anybody has used the bass tackle Centipede, Flip grub, 540 creature, 532 creature or 543 creature? If so, has it performed well for you and caught a lot of fish? I'm asking this because I'm looking into purchasing one the molds for these.
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