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Found 7 results

  1. Guest

    Gelatin Bio Plastic??

    Is any one know things in bio plastic, i have some questions on a easy to make recipe i saw on another forum. I want to know how to make a gelatin based plastic non-soluble in water without the use of gelatinizing oil, I am asking because gelatin is not a true plastic, but rather an organic compound that rearranges a liquid that it is dissolved in, but certain chemicals can prevent it from bonding and forming a gel. If anyone can give some chemicals to harden it, make it insoluble, or make it into a true plastic can you please send some info? Thank for any help . Heres the site http://green-plastics.net/posts/84/qaa-can-i-make-bioplastic-fishing-lures/
  2. so i am designing a mix between a crank-bait and a spinner-bait i am calling it an inspin a lure that should in theory combine the flash of a spinner blade and the look of a crankbait by having a hole drilled right thru it and what i have determined to be a metal insert tube that has the spinner blade on a wire that runs through it what i need to know is what i am capable of using as that wire i found somewhere that piano wire may work but i cant find any info anywhere else other than on aircraft forums and i also need to know the best way to make the insert weather welding, brazing, or soldering i have inventor files if anyone needs them to better understand what i'm talking about i should also say i'm sorry if i messed up the title i have never used a forum before and had no idea what to title it
  3. Hello everyone! I'm new to this site. I want to take on a new hobby this Winter (And maybe profit from it in the future) and start pouring soft plastics. I don't own anything yet for pouring. If anyone is selling anything even molds id be happy to have a look. Any advice from you guys would be really appreciated. I can tell already im going to learn a lot from just browsing the TU site. Ryan Neely
  4. So I just about ready to start pouring my first, but I need a couple of more things clarified. The plan is to start with some of the Make Lure Youtube lures so simple top pours (though a two piece Mr Wiggly would be the next step) I have a plastics dealer that carries smooth-on, I was not sure which of the products was the right one for my application. Also like a mad man when I special ordered my plastisol (from a different place) I did not order dyes, but the smooth-on dealer does have smooth-on colorants they did have a sample tube that has enough colors for me to play around a bit but it was marked as epoxy colorant. Would a craft store have the right sort of glitters, I figure I am looking for heat resistant – non-metallic? Silver glitter will work for now. Cross border ordering is a PIA so as much as I can I want to work local.
  5. I used HVAC tape for this one
  6. I have been fishing for most of my 44 years and I am blessed with a career that allows me ample free time to enjoying the great outdoors. I recently have become interested in painting hard baits. I found this forum and I am hopeful to get pointed in the right direction. I was told an Iwata NEO gravity fed airbrush would be a good one to get started. I am curious a to what type of compressor y'all recommend, as well as what type of paint to start up painting. I have a thousand other questions as well. I am open to any "start up" tips and advice y'all recommend,. Thanks in advance!
  7. I finally fixed the order problem for you guys! I built a new order page for TackleUndergrounders! No more of the old, "send an email, wait for a response and for me to pack the order and weigh it so I can send you a PayPal invoice, wait for a response, me get the payment, write up the order in the computer, put the shipment into the UPS software, print the label, and ship the order all while you wait again" process... Trust me, I appreciate the hassle it has been for all of you, and I assure it has been no cake-walk here either... Well, it's all fixed, in place, and ready to roll! Now, you simply go to the site, click "Add to Cart" for the items you want, enter your information for PayPal, click "Check Out" and it automatically gives you your approximately 65% discount, figures the shipping (using a flat $10 rate now - I'll eat whatever more it is in order to expedite this process), takes your payment, and sends the order directly to my shipping department! Orders should ship the next business day from now on! Here's the link to the new order page - it's the same as the old link: http://www.dicknite.com/TU_Lander.htm You might want to bookmark it, make it a favorite, or whatever it is called in your browser, because it is not accessible from the main web site. It is only for TackleUnderground members and their friends and families! You are still getting the same price large-scale manufacturers get. It's in the neighborhood of 65% off of retail. The prices listed on the site include the discount, so there are no codes to put in, or hoops to jump through. Since you are going there from TU, I know you are legit! I plan on adding a few things to it in the future, like clicking on each paint color and having it pop up a window with information about it, MSDS sheet downloads, and the like, but for now, this is going to solve the biggest problem we have had - you having to wait for this fat old-guy to catch up enough to get the orders processed manually! I really want to thank you all for your patience over the past several years. You have been more than generous with your understanding and I can't express how much that has meant to me. TackleUndergrounders are the absolute best customers I have! Thanks again, Dick
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