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Found 21 results

  1. Any one here have info on unpainted swimbait blanks? 1 or 2 joints.
  2. FishCandy

    Painting Jig.jpg

    Lazy Susan jig for painting scale pattern on lures.
  3. So an odd thing rolled through my YouTube feed the other day a guy dipping a guitar body to give it a swirl paint job. so I look into it and it's called "Hydro Dipping". As with anything on the internet there seems to be a number of ways to do it. Her is one way Has anyone tried this on a lure, I could see this working in fire tiger , wonder bread, clown and maybe as a part of a makeral. There are transfer films that work this way it would be interesting to see if there was a good silver.
  4. Hey folks, recently I've begun discovering that my capabilities as a lure manufacturer are being undermined by the speed at which I can make lures. a batch of five baits can take nearly an entire day, which in the broad scheme of things, is unacceptable. I was hoping some of you could provide me with some tips to speed up the process. one of the things I'm definitely curious about is a dipping base coat that could take some of the finnicky-ness out of base coating.
  5. I been painting soft plastic with createx paint and then dipping them in clear. I also have the spike-it paint for plastic. I do not see the advantage of the spike-it paints does anyone have some knowledge of this subject, pros and cons ? The createx is not smearing and when dipped the paint doesn't run or come off.
  6. Curious who you guys watch on YouTube to learn new patterns? I am just trying to see how others are doing it visually. I like this link for Brown Trout! I think it's a great final product for a beginner lure painter. Who do you guys watch? Do you have your own channels?
  7. First hello to all in this community. Iam in the process of starting a custom painted tungsten jig business. I have my powder paint system down but am running into issues with painting lines on the jigs uniformly. By lines, im refering to stripes if you will like a firetiger pattern. Im wondering what all of you are doing to accomplish this.
  8. Hey folks, just wrapped up my near final trout swimbait painting pattern with a few pointers from a local taxidermist. I excluded a few of the steps that I was given for the sake of simplicity (one of the ones I'm going to use is a layer of gold above the lateral line, hence the "near final") and it came out pretty dandy. I painted it on a TP roll so that I wouldn't have to waste another blank. https://mobile.twitter.com/bassosaurus_rex/media/grid?idx=0
  9. So I just bought this. https://www.paintwithpearl.com/shop/metal-flakes/holographic-flakes-prism-flakes/silver-holographic-metal-flake/ And my first try to mix it and spray a bait did not work very well. the flake I bought is the .004" so I thought it would go through the nozzle on my airbrush (0.5 MM) and some flakes did but it did eventually plug , but I don't know if it was the flake size or just how fast it would settle out of what I was using as a medium (Pledge/reducer 60/40). I looked a automotive sprayers and from what I saw the nozzles there where 0.5 MM as well so it should shoot. So I don't know if my problem is brush, medium or both. A touchup HVLP automotive gun is not too expensive so with the right medium it could be used. There are three effects I am going for 1. A very flashy silver 2. A "shimmer coat" like a recent thread has talked about 3. a ghost holographic to use on clear pre-mades I know I can probably use epoxy to make the first though I fear the amount of layers harden/sealer base color then shimmer would make it un practical.
  10. hey guys, Was wondering if anyone here has painted baitcasters before? ive been airbrushing for about 2 years now and i want to do something besides a hardbait and decided i wanted to paint a reel. Is there any info anyone could send my way to make my first time trying this easier? what kind of paint should i use and clear coat at the end? so far i only have createx and bsi 30 epoxy. is there any special process when tearing the reel apart that i should use? any info really bout anything related to painting reels would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Connor
  11. I have been having this problem with my black and white Pro-Tec powder paint. I can't seem to keep it from having volcanos. Its not even rising it just shoots up out of the cup. I have tried brown paper bag, 20# copy paper, and now the tyrex or what ever from shipping envelopes. Nothing seems to work with those two colors. My orange, pink, purple, and green pumpkin all work perfect with the brown paper bag. I really need to get these colors working for me. I glued two of the tyrex shipping envelopes together last night and I am going to see if it works on my lunch break. Wish me luck!
  12. Hey guys, So I have this new glider that guys are going nuts for and ive switched to plastic and its pretty much ready to be produced in quantity. Unlike my previous models that were wood. I opted to go hard plastic so I can produce more to sell. My only problem is that painting is seriously kicking my butt. Im not quite sure what the issue is. I use plastic resin from a company called fabricast 50 from specialty resins. Now the main problem im assuming is the bonding. But it only really occurs on the back and belly of the bait. So thats no good when it comes to epoxying. It's almost like something is coming through the bait which I thought was some sort of contamination. But I use wax and grease remover prior to priming. Is it the spray bomb primer? Should I use a adhesive spray instead?
  13. Does anybody know of a process that will keep paint off the swivel on a horsehead/roadrunner jig?
  14. Lately ive been looking into some airbrushes, ive looked at the 100 dollar kits that come with compressors, paint, hose, etc but most of them have very unpleasant reviews, ranging from the product doesnt even work, to the product is not detailed enough, does anyone have any recommendations on a reletively cheap brush and compressor?
  15. Hey everyone I have only started prepping my lures for painting and wanted to paint some transparent ones so I dipped them in acetone and say them to dry only thing is a few hrs later the lure started to get cloudy anyone able to help me with this process to prevent this from happening? Regards Jeremy
  16. I've made a decent amount of plugs and I've decided it's time to get some paint in order to paint these guys. However I'm sort of lost as to what colors I should get. In your opinion what are say 10 or 12 essential colors when painting lures? And what brands do you guys reccomend? Thanks for the help!
  17. I have been painting crankbaits the old fashioned way and am thinking about upgrading to an airbrush. I have some questions, though, before I buy one. It's a little confusing, since I don't know anything about them. At this point I wouldn't be using it all that frequently, so I would like to get something that is affordable, and I can upgrade in the future if I want to. Any questions you can answer would be appreciated. Purchasing Where can I get a good airbrush for a beginner? What's a good brand/model? What size compressor do I need? Where can I get a compressor at a good price? I've seen some kits that use canned propellants. Are those any good? How long does one can last? Features Do any of these have a significant effect on the brush's usefulness for painting crankbaits? -Single action vs double action? -Internal mix vs external mix? -Gravity feed vs bottom feed? -Tip size? --Anything else that I may be unaware of?
  18. Cyberflexx

    7 5 2013 Crankbait

    This started as a white bass pro shops bargain bin "tournament special". I primed it white, custom mix chartruese on the sides, a little pearl white on the top with a light blue spine and scale pattern. Yellow belly and pink throat. I used a red sharpie for the gill blood streaks and the dotted eyes and a black sharpie for the diamond kill dot. I used harbor freight 5 min epoxy diluted with rubbing alcohol and a tad of blue glitter mixed with it. Cured on the drywheel for 9 hours. I'm getting better and better... Whatcha think?
  19. Looking to put a durable finish on some bismuth/tin jigs...any advice?
  20. Hi everyone , I am new to the forum and new to painting lures. I came across something today that might be an interesting option for painting lures. I have just experimented with a few lures spraying the Tamiya model spray cans and have had decent results. So today I am surfing the web and come across these paints. http://dixieart.com/Montana_Alien.html http://www.mtncolors.com/products/47-spraypaint-category-detail Montana Colors also sells different spray nozzles to achieve different effects including some very fine lines. The smaller "Alien" and "Micro" cans are about the same price as model spray paint cans if not cheaper. What is your opinion on this do you think they would work? Ross Central , Arkansas
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