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  1. Pickadoll


    Foiled trolling bait for Northern pike.
  2. Pickadoll


    Trolling bait for Northern Pike. 27cm long.
  3. Pickadoll


    Trolling bait for Northern Pike.
  4. Hello, I look for a shop where I can buy some big unpainted jerkait for pike/muskie. Someone have website to advice me ? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello I`ve not done any crankbaits in ages so this was a challenge and it took avery long time to get them right. These have a very wounded type of action, spastic and unpredictable. Goes deep. Rattle inside. The fins are soft so they will bend when fish strike. Cheers from Jaraalbaits sweden
  6. Hi everyone! I have made lures for about 4 years now. Mainly Jerkbait gliders and Tailbaits for pikefishing but I never made any crankbait/wobblers. I want to learn how to make Crankbaits now cause I like trolling for pike :)! Here is my questions: How do I know how thick the radius of the lip should be compared to how thick the wood of the lure is? How do I know how near the front/head of the lure I should attach the lip? How long should the lip be? How sensitive is a crankbait for different weight positions? Is there some kind of formula for these moments as a starting point for a newbie or is it just trial and error (as usual) :)? You can see the lures I've done before at Instagram: pickadollbaits Thanks! /David
  7. I have made a video on how I painted it which can be found here.
  8. A pair of Muskie Bucktails I made with #9 Fluted Indiana Blades. Both baits have single 5/0 hand tied treble's dressed with Marabou and bucktail. The main bodies have a combo of Bucktail and Feathers, with a Crystal Flash/Tinsel for accents. With the marabou, the baits look like they are breathing in the water.

    © Wall1eye

  9. wjunior


    Hand painted blades #8 Indiana, #7 Willow, taped and airbrushed, squid skit followed by a 5/0 hand tied minnow pattern, overall length 10"
  10. homemade spinner using mixed materials: blade made from stainless steel eating utensil/ spoon, Clevis made from drilled/ flat stainless stainless steel, bone bead drilled out & carved in Skull style, w bead chain inserted through eye sockets & wrapped in copper wire, chartreuse green maribou attached in same bead, drilled red dice, with assorted beads, painted steel weight body, and hand tied black buck tail on 1/0 treble hook. This thing THROBS due to the deep cup shape of this tablespoon blade. I catch pike on this in 15-25 feet of very weedy, tinted green water. the skull bead w/chain spins as does the dice . ...I say a prayer and roll the dice every time I use this, I'm still trying to break 40" lol

    © 2015

  11. I call this my Retro Darter,inspired by an old hotrod custom car I seen,has a real retro look,we selected a nice piece of Hardened dried pine and gave it the torch treatment for the burnt look at the rear,we then used transparent paints to give it an almost flame effect,epoxied all the hook hardware in and added the blood red hooks and matching eye then gave it 2 coats of epoxy,the lure darts through the water like you would not believe with just short jerks,fun lure that catches fish!!!
  12. The Jerkbi-J Medium is a 18 cm jerkbait for around 70 gr This custom paint is the Green Fluor Scales color The lure and painting are entirely handmade by YOD LURES Lure resin (cast in silicon molds) and airbrush painting This lure is designed for pike fishing and other predators like perchs, zanders, black bass Check the video :


  13. The Fat Pike Swim is the best homemade lure by YOD LURES A 25 cm swimbait for almost 220 gr 100% homemade with silicon molds, resin, and custom airbrush painting Lure articulated in 5 parts with a soft tail and fins also homemade 1 week work for each lure This big bait was designed for pike biggest specimens fishing Check out the video :


  14. lulu-yodlures

    Fight shad

    The Fight Shad is a 17 cm soft bait for around 30 gr completely homemade by YOD LURES and made in France We started with a wooden master, and then we produce silicone molds and then the liquid plastic with different colors and attractants This lure is designed for pikes and other predators hunters Check the video :


  15. I did some more of my Tailbait model. Made some crazy color patterns hehe. The picture is dark. The colors is actually pretty bright!
  16. So it's been awhile since I posted a thread on here but I've been reading most of them anyway...I kinda went into hibernation here in Minnesota over the winter. But now I got my hand on some nice Balsa and basswood and was thinking about making some grandma lures as well and working on perfecting my jerkbaits. But its the grandma's I am asking about I have the design from a few websites that we all know on here and have decided to use metal lips on them since the rivers here tend to destroy plastic. But what I am curious is has anyone made the smaller versions of these... it seems most fish in the ole mississippi prefer smaller baits even if there a large fish and the most common bait fish in the river is the chub. So I figured I would try to come up with a chub sized grandma and try foiling it and painting it and all that but just figured I would see if anyone had any input on ballast and any other odd ideas about the design of this lure from large ones to the smallest size. If you not sure what a grandma lure is I'll post a pic below. and Wobblerbau has the pdf for design here if anyone wanted it http://wobblerbaujw.jimdo.com/schablonen/wobbler/#Wobbler (use chrome and hit translate if you browser doesnt offer it)
  17. Pickadoll

    Tailbait new model

    This is my new model. It is a Tailbait and not a glider. Weighs 65-68 gram. Hope you like it
  18. kidskicks

    The Beer Buzzards

    This is the Beer Buzzard, Make of Beer caps,, You can put skirts, minnows and other trailers, and troll cast spin and most of Chuck En lures mentality,, Like a fly on a small stream

    © 2014

  19. kidskicks

    Snake Pop ER

    This is my testing Lure for 2014, I call it a snake pop er, the top caps have a wood center and floats. All made from beer caps, Yes beer caps catch fish, tested in my other lures,, Fun testing lure for 2014

    © 2014

  20. kidskicks

    Main Horse

    I call this, My Main Horse fly.. Catches Muskie, Pike and Bass, Wipers love them,,, on the line and fished like a fly on a small stream, Soft like a fly, until the fish hits, You are mine big boy..

    © 2014

  21. Another picture from Swedish pikeland. With best regards Jaraal

    © Jari Aalto

  22. Hello TU Here´s a hard one for you! Gustav Germann at Gugerart.com made this nice looking bait for us. The pikes in Sweden really dont mind having a bite of new creative stuff. With best regards Jari aalto jaraal
  23. I like making these. I know they don't look natural, but they reflect a lot of light and I enjoy making them. Tell me what you think.
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