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Found 21 results

  1. I’m looking at getting into making soft plastics and one color in particular the pumpkin with black and green flake by Gary yamamoto. all I can find is green pumpkin or brown pumkin idk which one it is. thanks Blake
  2. My name is Roger Belk and I have a lot of free time on my hands. I have started an "E" Plastic recipe cookbook that I will share here freely with everyone. I have gathered up 200+ recipes (50 pages so far). The recipe's that I have found the authors I make sure credit is noted on that page I have been making each one and adding an image on the page to give visual; reference. I could use your help by submitting your recipes with an image and the name of the creator (designer). Thank you for your help and I hope this helps someone here.
  3. What do I have to do to my injector to keep it working well. Also when shooting should I shoot nice and smooth slow or a little faster?
  4. What is the cheapest color/dye I could get that actually works. I’ve been looking for some for a while and I don’t know if I’m just not seeing a cheap one or if they are all the same price. Thanks in advance!
  5. I am the principal at a small rural high school in Alabama. Our fishing team is looking for a year around fundraiser to support the team. We are considering offering hand poured baits locally as a way to make some money for the team. Is this a good idea from the money perspective?
  6. Hello everyone! When I have built resin baits in the past I have been mostly using Smooth on Feather lite but I have recently started to play more with mixing the ballons into the resin by my self. I am using Alumilite RC-3 and Alumilite Micro ballons. Do you guys have any tip on how to figure out the right amount fast? Resin is exspensive :D! I always seems to mix too much so I need to throw away a lot of resin OR to little. I want the density o the resin to be something like Beech wood, something around 0,70 - 0,80. I also think I prefer to do it by weight and not by volume like everyone seems to do on Youtube wich cant be that accurate? Thanks. /David
  7. Guest

    PVC Formulas #3DH

    This formula was designed to be extra heavy for far casting or deep water fishing, without the use of salt or glass(I will do some with these in the future), It uses tungsten-iron-silica powder (aka black sand), i would recommend this recipe for anyone with a ball mill( as the powder must be fine). When handling this material please wear a face mask, goggles, and remove any nearby magnets. Please work out side if possible, when it is not windy. Formula 3DH or 3-third D-Durable H-Heavy. Keep in mind that this formula is theoretical, reason is I don't know what you may be working with as far as equipment. Percentage of Materials -67% DINP Plastecizer -15% Emulsion PVC Paste Resin -2% Soybean oil or Mineral oil (90% pure mineral oil) -3% Tin Thermal Stabaliser (Tetramethyltin) -5% Dispersent (website on dispersents https://www.byk.com/en/additives/applications/plastics-industry/pvc-plastisols.php I do not work for any of the companies mentioned in this website) -8% Black Sand .1 microns to .75 microns
  8. Hi everyone, I worked out a way to recycle hdpe plastic and turn new lures out of it. The worst part of the process, by far, is chopping/cutting the stuff up. I need a way to grind up milk, soda, detergent bottles, etc-so I can melt the stuff. A short list of what doesn't work: blender, paper shredder, modified double cut saw, and probably anything that runs at a fast rpm. I have found some DIY stuff online, usually too expensive or just impractical. The main problem is hdpe is dense, flexible, and slippery. I've been trying to work out a cheap and easy method, but no joy. Maybe someone out there can come up with an out of the box, (or bottle), idea...
  9. Hey everyone just wanted to see if anyone new what kind of plastisol or brand of plastisol big hammer swimbaits uses for thier plastic I realy like the feel of them. Thanks
  10. Hello All. I recently noted that the plastic suppliers list sticky formerly pinned in this forum was deleted - presumably during the course of a site upgrade/update. I was asked to resubmit the info and it would be stickied again. (Thanks, Chris.) Here it is. My apologies for any business not listed and also for any errors. I'm sure this is not all-inclusive. It's only what I know of at this time. Sorry I don't have overseas suppliers - just U.S.. Most of the suppliers listed here also sell other soft plastic hobby materials (plastic additives, colorant, glitter, bags, tools, molds, etc.), but they are too numerous to list here, so their URL is included for you to check out what they have to offer. Rick H. SE CT "ships from" location is provided to assist in figuring / estimating shipping costs BUSINESS NAME - URL - BRAND SOLD - SHIPS FROM ALUMILITE - alumilite.com - THEIRS (ALUMISOL) - KALAMAZOO, MI 49007 BAITJUNKY'S - shopbaitjunkys.com - CALHOUN'S - LAWRENCEVILLE, GA 30046 BARLOW'S - barlowstackle.com - M-F - RICHARDSON, TX 75080 BASSTACKLE - basstackle.com - M-F - PHOENIX, AZ 85027 BEAR'S BAITS - bearsbaits.com - CALHOUN'S - PONCHATOULA, LA 70454 CALHOUN'S - calhounplastics.com - THEIRS (CALHOUN'S) - CALHOUN, GA 30701 CHEMIONICS - chemionics.com - THEIRS (CHEMIONICS) - TALMADGE, OH 44278 DO-IT - store.do-itmolds.com - THEIRS (ESSENTIAL) - DENVER, IA 50622 JACOB'S BAITS - jacobsbaits.com - M-F - TROY, OH 45343 JANN'S - jannsnetcraft.com - LURECRAFT - MAUMEE, OH 43437 LURECRAFT - lurecraft.com - THEIRS (LC) - ORLAND, IN 46776 LUREPARTS ONLINE - lurepartsonline.com - M-F / ESSENTIAL / LC - SPRINGFIELD, IL 62704 LUREWORKS (aka I SPIKE IT) - ispikeit.com - THEIRS - BROOKLET, GA 30415 MAKE LURE - makelure.com - ALUMISOL - KALAMAZOO, MI 49007 M-F - pouryourownworms.com - THEIRS (M-F) - FORT WORTH, TX 76117 OZARK TACKLE - ozarktackle.com - UNKNOWN - PEVELY, MO 63070 POLYSOL - polysolpolymers.com - THEIRS (POLYSOL) - FARMINGTON, MO 63640 ZEINER'S - zeiners.com - M-F - WICHITA, KS 67211
  11. Meed help finding a lure. its a discontinued soft plastic made by a Georgia based company thats not around anymore. i have two of the original lures. and need help finding more or making a mold for them so i can make them myself. will pay for a mold. the company is "Rattlesnake Tackle Co. McDonough Georgia"
  12. I been painting soft plastic with createx paint and then dipping them in clear. I also have the spike-it paint for plastic. I do not see the advantage of the spike-it paints does anyone have some knowledge of this subject, pros and cons ? The createx is not smearing and when dipped the paint doesn't run or come off.
  13. Hey guys, this is my first post. I am currently making custom wood swimbaits that are hand cut and hand sanded. I'm going back and forth on what material I should use for the tail. What is the most durable, cost effective, and easy way to construct a tail? Options I've considered are: hair, lexan (seems tough to cut), soft plastic, or a rubber. Wanted to hear your thoughts.
  14. Does anybody know how I could go about molding clear crankbaits with the bill? I want it to float, any help would be appreciated.
  15. Pickadoll

    Tailbait new model

    This is my new model. It is a Tailbait and not a glider. Weighs 65-68 gram. Hope you like it
  16. Pickadoll

    First Own model

    This is my first own lure model ! Firetiger color. Jerkbait 15cm long. 58grams without hooks before coating process Made of Smooth on plastic Feather lite.
  17. I have been pouring my own soft plastics for 2 years now and have been very successful on both pouring and catching fish on these items. Now I have a few other anglers interested in putting my baits in their local tackle shops. I have a brand name that I would like to trademark but was wondering what other issues I may run into or want to do. Would starting an LLC be an option?
  18. Has anyone tried this blend of soft and medium plastisol. If so what is your opinion? Thinking of buying some just wanted a first hand opinion.
  19. Hi All, First off, thanks for all the great tips on this forum. I bought my first kit in 2007 and put it aways to collect dust until this summer. Nothing was more gratifying then catching my first fish on the baits I made. Recently I've been having a ton of luck pitching grass here in Western New York. This question might come off as a If its not broke why fix it but I have to ask. Here is the recipe for the Bears Baits 4.25" Kodiak Craw 1 cup Calhoun Ultra soft 2000 plastic 1/4 cup pickling salt color and glitter vary 1 teaspoon softener 5 drops garlic oil I melt the plastic in a pyrex cup for 1 min, stir and then 1 more min Add other ingredients Melt for 35 seconds I use Bears small injector Suck up plastic and inject into hot mold that I cook in the oven before first pour at 200 degrees for about 5 mins. Remove from mold and place in stainless bowl with ice water and garlic salt. Put in refrigerator over night. I then sometimes package them in Salt or Garlic salt. Making them a little more dry but not as dense. Get addicted and repeat! I think they feel like creepy crawlers, or something. I'll cut to the chase they don't feel like Reaction Innovation Sweet Beavers or Strike King Rodents. Rodents and Beavers seem to be heavier, more dense and dry feeling. I cut them up and salt oozes out of them. I melted them down and they seem to come out with the same texture and feel as my mix. Is there something to put on the mold while shooting the plastic that gives this texture/feel to the bait? Thanks in advance and thanks for a great place to come to learn. Charles PS thanks to this forum I was able to pour my first 2 color baits this am! Thank You!
  20. Hey guys, I was wondering if those yellow plastic speed bumps could be used for swimbait material? The reason I ask, is because my work place throws away a lot of broken ones (trucking industry), and I was thinking I could reuse them to sort of "recycle". This isn't really to save money, just figured the material would end up in a landfill. Polypropylen and Polyethylene are the materials it's made out of. Thanks
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