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  1. As you see in the added pic this is a well known lure known as the Huddleston swim bait. My question is if you look closely under the rear treble hook there is a pocket of air. how does one go and add this into a soft plastic swimsuit is it injected with a needle or something inside of the mold??? I know they use this for when the bait sits on Botton the back end of the lure sits slightly upwards presenting a very very natural bait...
  2. I am currently making masters out of wood with the intent of molding to soft plastic but having a super hard time trying to figure out how to produce this wedge style tail. I am thinking that I will have to bust out some clay in order to achieve the correct look. If anyone has any experience in making these type of wedge style tails - I would appreciate some insight..
  3. Hi all, I’ve recently started airbrushing a 3.5” btsmolds swim bait, model 637. I’m using the SpikeIt/LureWorks CoLure Coat paint, in my novice opinion, the stuff works great. Recently ran into a problem with splotches forming, but realized I didn’t do a good enough job removing the oil from the bait first. (Side question, I’m using pre-moistened lens wipes(isopropyl alcohol), is there something different better to use?) Anyhow. I have a quart of Clearasol 4650, I thought using a narrow, but taller than 4 inch cylindrical Pyrex styled heating container would be best for dipping. Anyone have any ideas, search keywords, or experience with using a regular old 1 cup size Pyrex measuring cup? I am concerned with waste & folding of the bait, should I go the way of the measuring cup. Thanks in advance & Stay Well!
  4. What do I have to do to my injector to keep it working well. Also when shooting should I shoot nice and smooth slow or a little faster?
  5. I am just getting started pouring. I have some questions about some things that I think are important. My first question is If i was to pour one 3 cavity molds of 3 inch grubs out of a do it mold, where about should i fill the pyrex cup to and how much coloring and glitter to put in? My second question is how long should I let the plastic sit in the mold before taking the plastics out of the mold? My 3rd question is when heating up my plastisol should i heat up the plastisol a little then put coloring and fully heat it or just stir the platisol and put coloring in and heat it up to around 350 degrees? My final question is how should I heat up the mixture.Like to get to 350 degrees do I heat for 1:00 then stir and heat again or in different time intervals? I am looking forward to starting this hobby and much need the help from the experienced guys on this site. Anything else you think is important feel free to send. Thanks!
  6. First ever pour how do you guys think they turned out? Also why won’t the tails fully complete at the ends of some of them. Any reason off the top of your head why that happens? Also if I just put glitter in the plastisol will it come out clear? Thanks everyone for the help I’ve been getting! I think this color turned out great let me know what you think about the color also!
  7. What is the cheapest color/dye I could get that actually works. I’ve been looking for some for a while and I don’t know if I’m just not seeing a cheap one or if they are all the same price. Thanks in advance!
  8. I started using glass as an alternative to salt and it ruined my injectors. Is there better ones on the market. I think I had a cheaper one
  9. hi guys im new to this site but im trying to figure out the name of this bait my aunts husband gave it to me like 9 years ago and i only have this one he didnt tell me the name or anything, it has rbl and either a 6 or a 9 on the tail so thanks in advance
  10. Hey everyone, I recently bought a top injection mold from Basstackle and have been shooting with Bait Junkies, now Bait Plastics' hard formula. I cannot for the life of me get a bait to shoot without there being air bubbles at the top/head of the bait. It's infuriating! I haven't violently stirred the plastisol or sucked up any air while pulling plastisol into the injector, but it happens nearly every time I inject. The reason I know I'm not doing this is because I have another, side inject mold from a different company that shoot perfectly every time. I've tried purging the injector prior to shooting and that didn't work. Anyone have another idea on how to fix this issue? Is it the mold sprue that is the problem. I can't help but notice that the side injection mold that shoots perfectly has a wide sprue opening where it meets the body of the lure, whereas the Basstackle top inject mold has a very narrow sprue-body connection. Could air be getting trapped at that choke point and not be allowed to escape? Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and help.
  11. Hey everyone, I recently got a new mold where the sprue hole is pretty narrow...too narrow for my current injector that I purchased from Do-It to fit in. As I don't want to by a new injector for this new mold, I was wondering if anyone has found some sort of sprue adapter piece that would allow me to use my current injector, but funnel the plastisol into the narrower sprue hole? Any information you have regarding this would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Guest


    Hey community, This week's formula will be a plastisol, I would recommend this recipe for light fresh water fishing, and less rugged underwater terrain. I would say to use dye normally on this recipe since it contains a dye solvent factor now as paraffin oil coating with fish oil. Please feel free to ask questions or point out typos. #5SMs stands for 5th numerical recipe, S for soft/not so durable, M - medium weight. -64% DINP Plastecizer -13% Emulsion PVC paste resin -2% Soybean oil epoxy -2% Paraffin oil with fish oil 1 to 1 ratio -2% Urea -5% Organtin stabalizer (tetramethyltin) -6% Nauguard -6% 6705 Plastic Softener (http://www.lurepartsonline.com/Online-Store/Plastic-and-Additives/Plastic-Softener.html) Thank you for reading this formula.
  13. Guest

    Formula #4SMh

    Hey Community. This week's formula will be a plastisol, I would recommend it to fish in freshwater as this formula might stiffen out in ocean waters or possibly partially dissolve. It would good to sink in in the fresh water and might have a very weighty action in your water so I would recommend it for big worm(hooked"wacky worm"style) or swim baits. #4SMh stands for fourth recipe, Semi-Durable, and Medium-Heavy. (Note: Percentages are by volume). -64% DINP Plastecizer -13% Emulsion PVC paste resin -2% Soybean oil epoxy -5% Organtin stabalizer (tetramethyltin) -6% Nauguard -3% Urea -1% Potassium Acetate (mix with urea) -2% Glycerin (mix with urea) -4% .65 micron Tungsten or .70 micron lead Thank You for reading this formula.
  14. Guest

    PVC Formula #1SH

    I have a new heavy formula without salt, I want to share it with the public it's ID Number is #1SH under my book of plastic creations. But reminders that this formula theoretical and might not work as intended since I myself haven't tested it, but if you do experiment with it feel free to share or publish it no credit to me is necessary. I would recommend this for non-translucent applications and especially for bottom or deep fishing. #1SH stands for First (Numerical), Soft Plastic, Heavy (weight) Formula -65% DINP Plastecizer -13% Emulsion PVC paste resin -2% Epoxy Soybean Oil -5% Metallic Thermostabalizer -5% Dispersent -3% Glycerol or Glycerin -7% Tungsten Nano-particles or Tungsten powder 275 mesh and up (If you tested this please send feedback on how it goes.)
  15. I'm running into an issue with green chartreuse (lurecraft) not dispersing into my plastisol. No matter how much I shake the bottle before adding it in it won't completely dissolve, leaving little dots of colorant suspended in the mix. Anyone have any idea on how to remedy this? Thanks!
  16. Would like to hear some thoughts on how this bait is produced. I really like the colors and style of the bait. I don't want to take anything away from this killer bait maker just trying to wrap my head around how to achieve some of these color combinations along with the type of material used to cast this style of baits. I want to grow my knowledge in order to explore more creation options and nail down a nice process.
  17. bandicoot


    any one know of this heater EZ Duo Plastisol Heater thanks lipsmacker
  18. Hey guys, Maybe I am out of my mind but I tried searching what to do after shooting/injecting/pouring soft plastics but I can not find any relevant post. I could of swore, that one time I came across a post, that said after shooting soft plastics, you should place them in cold water over night. I've always done this. Sometimes I've added garlic scent to the water or even salt, I don't know why the salt, maybe I thought some would transfer to the bait through osmosis!!! Recently I have started to shoot some baits that are very heavy in salt and I feel as if the "water cure" is sucking out the salt, is that possible? Does anyone have any special process they follow after pouring/shooting soft plastics? For my next test, I was going to shake them in salt and laminate bag them, or put a little garlic oil in a laminate bag and call it a day. Thanks in advance. Charles
  19. FishTalesCustoms

    IMG 6386

    my own Fluke style bait, the plastic is a formula made for me that comes liquid like milk and hardens as it's heated. this allows me to make them super soft but still very tough. I add a marabou tail and the eyes are attached by 60lb mono run thru the head
  20. This is a hand poured 7" Soft Plastic Crappie Swimbait. There are several steps that go into making this bait. The first step is to carve a master from PVC board. Then I make a PoP mold of the master. The custom harass is then placed in the mold, and the plastisol is hand poured in a two part process. The swimbait is painted using hand brushes and an air brush to achieve the final finish. This finish was modeled after a northern Florida black crappie.
  21. This seasonal favorite absolutely kills in murkier water conditions. That tail!!
  22. ReflexionSwimbaits

    Light Hitch

    Light Hitch does really well in those super clear waters where realistic presentations are key to lure finicky bass!
  23. Was wondering what everybody's favorite craw soft plastic lure is. I would like to make a Plaster of Paris mold of a good craw. I have tried to mold a paca craw but had no luck due to the claws being to thin and not allowing enough plastic to fill them. Any replies would be appreciated.
  24. ReflexionSwimbaits


    One of the more realistic patterns. Drives fish crazy in clear water! Visit reflexionswimbaits.com to see all the baits available
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