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Found 11 results

  1. What is the best dye to use when making soft plastics? I want something good but also cheap. What colors should I get for being in Northern California? Also what is the best glitter, also cheap?
  2. I’ve been looking on the internet for a while now and can’t seem to find many good starter kits. Anyone have any recommendations? I want one around 30$USD. Thanks in advance.
  3. I have a giant bottle of non-tarnish gold colored glitter but I don’t know if I can use it. Can I? Do I need a certain kind? Please help! Thanks in advance!
  4. What is the cheapest color/dye I could get that actually works. I’ve been looking for some for a while and I don’t know if I’m just not seeing a cheap one or if they are all the same price. Thanks in advance!
  5. Does this replace worm oil? It would save a few bucks if it did.
  6. I’ve been researching a lot about making my own baits and molds but I want help with everything from buying supplies to making molds to pouring baits. I know it’s asking for a lot but I can’t afford to waste money. If you want to talk more in depth email me: lucid.vax@gmail.com Thanks in Advance
  7. Thank's everyone for their contribution and insight on this website. I want to test my own POP molds with a small batch of plastic. I'm starting with Senkos. I'm ordering Baitjunky's 1 Gal plastisol. What else all do I need to make the Senkos? Plastisol is not your ordinary material but aren't the additives such as heat stabilizer, hardener, softner, worm oil, pigments, and scents things you can buy elsewhere? Thanks again.
  8. Hey there! was wondering if there is any downside to using a hard 3d eyes on a top water frog bait...or any kind of non top water swimmy baits for that matter ? my fear is that they will weigh down the bait and interfere with the intended action any input would be appreciated! thanks!
  9. Meed help finding a lure. its a discontinued soft plastic made by a Georgia based company thats not around anymore. i have two of the original lures. and need help finding more or making a mold for them so i can make them myself. will pay for a mold. the company is "Rattlesnake Tackle Co. McDonough Georgia"
  10. I am in central Canada,and want to use the plastics, liquid plastics, for my lures. I have found several USA suppliers, but if I can find one in Canada, preferrably central Canada, it may be easier...anyone know of any supplier?
  11. I have been pouring my own soft plastics for 2 years now and have been very successful on both pouring and catching fish on these items. Now I have a few other anglers interested in putting my baits in their local tackle shops. I have a brand name that I would like to trademark but was wondering what other issues I may run into or want to do. Would starting an LLC be an option?
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