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Found 12 results

  1. I have been building my own spinners for a little over a year and have used mostly smaller size inline setup but recently started making bigger sizes 6 and up but my question is 70% of my casts with the new built spinners the line wraps around the back of the spinner blade is it a balance problem? tungsten too close behind the blade? I build as bead, blade, bead,tungsten, bead,then hook
  2. Hello, I'm trying to start building my own inline spinners. I've tried the old Cabela's kit a couple years ago. But that didn't come with size information. It was fine for trying it out. I would like to make spinners for Trout, Bass, Panfish, etc. I know what parts I need. I'm just having trouble figuring out the component (blades/clevis/hooks/beads-) sizes. Is there any guide that all the biggies (Jann's Netcraft / Hagen's / Lurepartsonline / Barlows-) follow? Are all the components the same size from each seller, or are there variations? IE: Size 4 at Janns is Size 4 at Hagens & LurePartsOnline. But is a Size 3 at Barlows. Does anyone have a general size guide for each seller?
  3. Hey guys, Last weekend I was going through some of my trolling spinners. My buddy has asked me why I had so many of these "harnesses" as he called them. I told him what they are then showed him how to make them. After getting a bunch more questions he asked me to create a basic video to use. I've been building variations of these spinners, strip-ons, and live bait harnesses for years. They work wonders covering lots of water to find active fish. Last summer I had caught walleye, perch, pike, musky, bullheads, different panfish species. I want to see what you guys think about it. Thanks for your time, Scott
  4. Made some more of this style last week , also with brass heads and homemade blades . The blades are of a narrower type this time , therefore I made the brass heads a bit shorter , as more slender blades do not provide as much lift to a spinner. Sadly I've already lost the bottom one to a snag yesterday , ...but I'm gonna make more for coming weekend again , as these lures do really perform well . Greetz , diemai
  5. I am painting # 5 and # 6 Colorado spinner blades (chrome, copper,brass). I wipe them down before I spray. I'm using createx paint. I use the createx white for a base layer and use a variety of other colors as well. I'm top coating with krylon Clear coat . Some times the paint will wrinkle after I use the clear coat , other times it does not. I'm thinking this white is not playing nice with the others. Eventually I'm going to be spray coating with Component system seal coat. I have played around with the self etching primer the same fail when I use the white. Frustrated , disappointed and irritated if thats all possible . Any help? I've read about every forum that exists and short of lighting the whole batch on fire ,here i sit!
  6. Put these together this morning , tested them in the tub tonite , .......all working fine , still spinning on the drop and the brass weight also does not get to spin , even tough it's only 8mm in diameter , thus I could not assemble the front wireform too much off-centered , there fore not much of a keelweight function evolved , .......but obviously still enough ! These blades are about the smallest I can still beat to their cupped shape with a ballpeen hammer , though it still comes somewhat finacky , .....not much material left to hold them whilst working . Gonna find out about the fish's opinion by coming weekend , .........greetz , diemai
  7. A size comparision of my initial model and one of the smaller spinners I made this morning , ....brass weight is 8mm in dia , ....12mm dia. on the bigger one . Greetz , diemai
  8. The brass drum weight has a bore 1,5mm dia. running thru , ....the 4,0mm countersunk is just deep enough to accommodate the wire eye of the forward wire shaft , wrapped around a 1,5mm drill bit clamped in a vise . Unlike American weight-forward spinners in Europe we are used to utilize two interconnected wire shafts for such lures , ...but their swing against one another should be somewhat limited , so that the hook could never reach the attached line whilst casting just to foul up . I decided to make the interconnecting eyes that small to be able to place the shafts as far towards the rim of the brass weight as possible , so that the centrifugal force of the spinning blade would not get the entire lure to spin and thus cause line twist , .......indeed the brass head only cants slightly this way , ......even at faster paces of retrieve .
  9. To fix and position the front wire shaft reliably to the brass weight I've furnished a little groove with my "Dremel" cutting wheel and extended it lengthwise a bit with a small 1,5mm router bit . The shorter tag end of the front shaft's open wire loop is bent and pulled back into that groove(after having connected the rear spinner shaft)with pliers , snipped off and ground flush to the brass drum's circumferrence .
  10. Hi , folks , Here's another little picture compilation on how I do my own spinnerblades out of stainless steel sheet(please also read my YouTube describtion) . Another video on making spinnerbodies from round brass dowel will follow soon . Any further questions will be answered here , ........greetz , diemai
  11. Hey Folks.. If you havent seen the news we had a mojor flood here in oregon. Our shop got hit, damaged our lasers and crashed a couple of computers..(along with my phone!) Just wanted to drop a line for any of you guys who have orders pending no worries we are waiting on one more part thats on its way and we will get the rest of these orders shipped. If you need to reach us please call my wife at 503-839-0445 Seince we have been down for a few days ive been screwing around painting some spinners with powder. Next time ill fire up the bug gun and oven to shoot the clear but thought i would share a pic anyways...take care....Rob
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