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Found 12 results

  1. I've been a member here for a while, but I've been just sitting back watching and learning. I've been making mostly inline spinners for a few years now. But I tried something new to me today, and I thought I'd share what I've done so far. I'm not the first one to do this, but I haven't seen them on here yet. Since I was a kid I've seen Kastmaster spoons, but I've never used one. Today I decided I wanted to try some. But I'm not made of money, so instead of spending 6 or 7 bucks to buy a couple, I decided to buy thousands of dollars worth of metal working machines and twice that amount again in tooling. Thanks to some sketchy fixturing and a little luck, I now own two homemade slab spoons. I'll test them and see how the action and weight is. If everything is good I'll pick up a couple hundred bucks worth of paint and supplies and pretty them up a bit. So for a few thousand bucks a piece I got what I hope are some nice spoons for deep water and windy days. If anybody else has made something similar I'd sure like to see what you did or what your finishing scheme looks like. Raw steel slab spoons. A sketchy setup to saw off a couple bias cut slabs. A scrap of steel 1/2" round bar set at a 14 degree angle. I had so much bar projecting out of my collet block that it was vibrating and didn't cut super smooth, so I cleaned them up a bit on the belt grinder.
  2. I use an old kitchen knife I found for cutting bait. It's stainless, but the salt water keeps rusting it. I decided to powder coat it, and it turned out pretty good. While I was at it, I took a rusted spoon I had found in the water, cleaned it up and powder coated it white. I wanted a red stripe, but wasn't sure how to make a nice clean one. What I ended up doing was brushing some powder coat onto the glue side of a piece of scotch tape. After baking the white background to set it, I heated the spoon a little more over a heat gun, then laid the tape glue side down on the spoon. It melted right onto the spoon! Nice way to get a clean pattern onto a base coat.
  3. I'm looking for a line on light weight flutter spoons for mainly ice fishing application. I've checked hagen's but their website leave something to be desired. Anyone else have a favorite ice spoon?
  4. Anyone know if kbs clear dip will puddle and bubble on spoon lures while being rotated while drying? Www.characterlures.com
  5. Anyone know if kbs clear dip will puddle and bubble on spoon lures while being rotated while drying? Www.characterlures.com
  6. Hello all, New to the forum. Had a question about finishing on metal casting spoons. Was wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction on products that have worked for them in the past. I handmake a few different styles of casting spoons for trout/salmon ect and wanted to see if anyone could recommend a good epoxy/urethane or clear coat to use as a finish. I have tried a few marine grade metal finishes and applied them by both dipping and brushing. dipping is my preferred method of application but I'm open to suggestion. any help would be appreciated! Thanks i advance...
  7. Have you ever seen this before? I took two spoons and put them together added a treble hook with a red and white bucktail and added a swivel on the front. The theory is the two spoons will clatter against one another as they go through the water. Comments Welcome.
  8. I searched for spoons, and found nothing. Is nobody making them in here? I made about 8 so far, and when putting the split rings in the holes, discovered a real problem. After sitting for almost 30 hours, the primer under them paint was still soft. When I tried to put the split ring in, it peeled back the pant and ruined the finish. Some, I had painted and then clear coated with clear rattle can, and a couple I had coated with fiberglass resin. The fiberglass seemed to be a problem right off the bat, so I stopped doing that. Here is what I am working on..... (I hope this belongs in the hard bait category, but I couldn't find anything else that fit)
  9. Griffond

    spoons refurbished

    So I finally managed to track down the pic I took of all the spoons the kids and I did. All these spoons were bought at are local junk shop and I got a pile more of them then this. They for like 10 for $3 since they were all rusty or missing most of the paint etc... I sanded off all the faces and primered them all and we went to town with painters tape and rattle cans... the goofy designs on some are from the kids choices of stuff. Needless to say in the best Northern Pike lake we have they all caught fish and what a cheap project to do. They all got two coats of auto clear which seems to hold up almost as good as powder coat.
  10. Donnybrooks1979


    Various patterns
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