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Found 25 results

  1. Hey guys, looking for some ideas on the best tri-color laminates to pour in my swimbaits, I'm bored and want some new colors to try. Thanks a ton guys! If you have a color idea you'd like me to pour up for you, shoot me a text at 970-568-6659.
  2. I am currently making masters out of wood with the intent of molding to soft plastic but having a super hard time trying to figure out how to produce this wedge style tail. I am thinking that I will have to bust out some clay in order to achieve the correct look. If anyone has any experience in making these type of wedge style tails - I would appreciate some insight..
  3. Alright guys, I Need all of your help! Does anyone know how to Custom paint a Deps Slide Swimmer 250? I have never tried to paint one and l Really want to learn. Any tips would be very helpful! Thanks Guys, Brad
  4. Just a promo image I did of the latest swimbait I’ve added to my product line. Would love to hear what you all think! Hand pour. 2 color, 6”.
  5. Hey, just after some.advice. i am very new to making softplastics and i have tried to shoot some plastics today, they are 6inch swimbaits, im using medium plastisol but i am having problems getting them to come out right, the seem to come out tacky and.sticky with not much strecth before brewking, am i kosing it in the heating or using the wrong plastisol? What do iadd for additional durability. Thanks
  6. rock


    Sucker swimbaits with photo sticker finish.
  7. I want to start making my own lures but dont know what i should buy i want to keep it simple and as cheap as possible im already working on making my own molds i just want to know the best plastic i should buy for the cheapest price and the same for glitters and dyes
  8. Hi Guys, Long time lurker here.. I have been gathering information from all over the web and TU directly for months and decided that today was going to be the day I take the plunge. I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself all in all minus the fact that I caught myself a couple times (see thumb below) + need to get my head and tail less thick (hopefully that makes sense). I definitely gained a whole new respect for the lure makers of the fishing world. I would like to hear some feedback - What do you guys think? 1-10 body and shaping wise.. do I need to go back to the drawing board or am I on the right track?
  9. Would like to hear some thoughts on how this bait is produced. I really like the colors and style of the bait. I don't want to take anything away from this killer bait maker just trying to wrap my head around how to achieve some of these color combinations along with the type of material used to cast this style of baits. I want to grow my knowledge in order to explore more creation options and nail down a nice process.
  10. As I sit and glance at my almost now 18 hours of crafting - I stare at slight imperfections in pure dismay wondering what I could use to fix my small imperfections. Bondo is the first thing that came to mind with clay coming in slightly after.. Has anyone ever had any experience with using bondo on their hard baits for covering up imperfections of symmetry.
  11. Hey guys I make 6.5" and 8.5" swimbaits made out of poplar wood and they have incredible action. However, I am debating on cutting down on the time of carving all of these out and switching to resin. I have no clue how to get started on this or what the best/optimal process is for converting my wood baits to resin. I dont know what resin I need, what mold making/silicone material I need. Should I cut the wood blank into segments before casting the mold and then piece it together after the resin one is cast? Or should I cut the resin into segments after it is cast? Can anyone give me a step by step process that works for them? Or maybe even a video? Thanks, Paden
  12. They have a picture of the mold but not the bait? Can someone post a picture?
  13. Hey guys, this is my first post. I am currently making custom wood swimbaits that are hand cut and hand sanded. I'm going back and forth on what material I should use for the tail. What is the most durable, cost effective, and easy way to construct a tail? Options I've considered are: hair, lexan (seems tough to cut), soft plastic, or a rubber. Wanted to hear your thoughts.
  14. This is a pic of the Real Gill Swimbait I got this week from Paul Williams. This bait is massive, measuring almost 7 inches in length and 3 1/2 inches from belly to the top of the dorsal fin. It's proportioned and shaped exactly like a real bluegill. I am totally impressed with his work!!
  15. This is a bait that I recently painted, I call it blue shad. What do you guys think? Feedback is much appreciated Thanks Guys< Brad
  16. This is a Bluegill Colorway I did not to long ago, I feel that bluegill is a harder color for me to paint. Sometimes I just cant seem to pull it off. Any tips would be greatly appreciated Thanks Guys, Brad
  17. Hey Guys, This is just an idea. Why don't we have a thread in the hard bait section Just for reference photos? I think it would be an awesome idea to have everyone on the forms post there own reference photos, including pictures you have taken of fish you have caught. I think it would be cool to have a bunch of different photos of different fish from different places. What do you guys think? Thanks, Brad
  18. I Caught this 12lb LargeMouth Bass At Lake Mission Viejo Also, This Fish Was Caught About 1 Week After The Other 15lb Bass. This Bass Was Also Caught On A 8" Huddleston Deluxe
  19. Been a long time lurker on this site, and figured I'd finally say hello. Name's Kenny, and I've been making lures for about a year now, and I learned a LOT from this site. Still do every time I log in. Anyways, here's a few lures I've done: From the left, we have: a billed wake bait, a suspending multi joint bait, a glide bait, and a lunker punker knock off. Here's a gill I'm working on: And another glide bait: As you can see, I've yet to buy and airbrush, I'm scared to ruin a lure after working so hard to get them this far haha. But I gotta learn somehow. I'm thinking of the Neo CN. Is it a decent starter airbrush? I'm also in the process of making my own silicone tail mold, so I won't have to use other companies tails. Here's some video of my wake bait: And my glide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8x7efvvB8iM I'd like to get my glide bait to make a wider slalom but I'm not sure how to go about doing it. I know that bigger baits make a bigger slalom, but I don't want to really go past 8.5-9". Just gotta keep tinkering I guess. Wood is Poplar, except the wake bait, I did it in Cedar. 1.5" screw eyes, Owner Hyper Wire split rings, and Owner St-36 hooks. If I get bent out, I'll switch to 41's. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself, throw my name out there, and maybe talk lures with some of you guys.
  20. This is a SBI Tsunaga Swimbait That I painted in a Dark Rainbow Color. This bait looks very real in the water!
  21. Alright Guys, I need your help! I am new to using epoxy as a clear coat. I have only used it twice and like how it looks. I Cant remember the name of the epoxy I use, its 5 min epoxy I bought from Hobby Lobby for $10.00. What brand Epoxy do you guys use and what would you recommend? Thanks For The Help Guys! Brad
  22. have watched make a lure and aluminite vids and looked on their page but its just so confusing. I have been making pvc baits but want tot try resin. I was wondering what materials do I need to buy. the materials I need for making the mold as well as the resin used for making the swimbait. thanks guys.
  23. Hey everyone, I'm working on my swimbaits and can't decide on which fish pattern I should do next. I've already done my rainbow trouts a couple times now and want to try something new and challenging. The fish I'm thinking of; Native Cutthroat Trout, Brook Trout, Yellow Perch, Largemouth Bass. I put a picture of my rainbow trout so you can see my style of painting. Also a picture of my new swimbait that is needing the paint job. I'm leaning towards painting a cutthroat trout but still like those other fish patterns. Let me know guys, thanks.
  24. Hey everyone. I'm just starting making swimbaits. I've made 3 so far and working on 2 more. I have made all of them a one solid piece, meaning i don't split it in half to add my weights or screw eyes. What are the pros and cons in doing it this way. I see mainly everyone splitting their baits in half. I've attached some pics of the three baits i've made.
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