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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, My name is Gonzalo, I'm from Argentina and this is my first post, I hope don't break any rule with my post. This is my first rat lure...walk the dog stile with one knocker rattling. Is made in 2 parts of Poplar wood and harden with epoxi adhesive dilute in thinner and apply by paintbrush I hope you like it!!
  2. FishCandy


    Spun this one up to see if it would work. Got the idea from an e-book. Tested great.
  3. Lgonzo20

    New member

    Picked up this hobby this week after spending hundreds on tacklewarehouse. You guys have helped me pick up airbrushing pretty quick! 4th bait ive done
  4. Briant

    Prop baits

    About time i showed my work. 6 PVC prop baits all hand painted with dry brush. I found that easy baits like topwater and crankbaits with simple color patterns are more fun and less stressful to make than swimbaits and such But thats just my opinion . I Encourage anyone interested in making baits to give it a try. Its really not hard. Good luck all
  5. So I designed a new bait, had it drawn and cut. It works great, I use half the bubbles to get this one to float. It is way move soft too. So it has a chug nose, ribbed body and a big paddle tail. See video of it on my facebook page. Mudd Butt Baits.
  6. I just cut finished worms in half, got them to go back in the mold, not easy with the popper in the middle. Then poured the green in, I was reading that some baits with skirts are plastic welded? It that simply just heating the two ends and holding them together? I would like to just use to pots, two colors and two injectors, but how do I know how much to put in the first pass? Do I just put marks on the rod? Thanks
  7. Here is the finished worm, I found that I have to keep the temp a little higher with the bubbles in the plastic. I also have to put down pressure on the injectoer after the cavity fills, about 5 seconds in enough, The yellow turned out nice, but it picks up dirt really easy. I will add glitter the next time round. The worm still has good action and it still plenty strong. I bought a $40 Presto fry daddy, I think that is what it is called. It has the heat dial and is almost the right size for pouring 40-150 baits at a time. I put the lid on to get the plastic up to temp and in bewtween
  8. I am new to the site and to pouring my own worms. I will have my aluminum two piece mold coming next week, along with all the stuff needed to start. I have Lure Craft 536 and 502, supper floater bubbles, oil and two colors. I have searched the site for info on working with the bubbles and found only a few posts. I am looking to float a 5" worm with a #3 skip gap hook. I want it to float on top of the water, not float if I reel or it may float. I am coping a worm that I bought of tv 15 years ago, it will float a #5 hook without any problems. I am hoping that once I mix the oil with the b
  9. This is one of my favorites that I have carved. I am inspired by antique handmade lures and baits. Body is hand-carved basswood with felt ears and leather tail.

    © Katie Bartle 2013

  10. Carved this out of a birch dowel. Acrylic paint under epoxy finish.

    © K Bartle 2013

  11. Uncle Jay


    top water bass lure. I fish this one like any popper or plug. I have caught a few smaller Bass, no monsters though.
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