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Found 18 results

  1. Sinking swimbait. Three sections weighted to fall horizontal at just under a foot a second. I broke down and used PVC for this one and carved some basic anatomy. Designed a slight upcurve from the nose to operculum to create some minor lift on retrieve to help control bait for working over deeper weed beds. Used a lot of mica powders to get some chromatic changes. The blue, rose, pinks are mica dry brushed and rubbed over gray and metallic silver. Orange, brown, golds of the throat are mica powders also and for good measure rubbed in some green along the dorsal.
  2. Hey guys! New member here. I grew up a bass fisherman and was taught how to fish a spinnerbait and a jig by an older gentleman almost 15 years ago. My fishing buddy was also an avid lure maker and I have memories of spending weekends in high school in his basement learning how to make R bends and blend skirts. Unfortunately my friend has had some serious medical issues and has been forced to not only give up fishing but also lure making. Recently he decided to pass down a large part of his inventory and tools to me and I am very grateful, however, I have been living and fishing in an inshore environment in SC for the last 6 years. While he will forget more than I will ever learn about building and fishing spinnerbaits for bass, he has limited redfish/trout experience. I have been chasing redfish/trout almost exclusively for the last six years and I am wondering how to turn these "freshwater" baits into inshore baits. I am not concerned with the strength of the hooks/tackle in general. I am curious if anyone has gone down this journey and would be willing to share some tips and tricks. I have started with "in-line" spinners with my favorite paddle tail as a trailer but am looking to move to spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
  3. The newest edition to FTLs handmade “Twinspin” range. The Twinspin (Rainbow) has proven itself on Trout and Perch time and time again. www.ftllures.com
  4. Hey guys, does anyone know where you can buy a lifelike soft plastic trout swim bait mold?
  5. Hey folks, recently I invested in some airbrushing and lure building equipment. But while painting blanks I've had some troubles with my trout patterns. I prefer to use all one kind of paint (I.E. Createx) to minimize the risk of chemical reactions between paints (that, and brand preference)and I can't figure out a good back color mix. I need a light olive and I need help. Also some advice for making baits look more "lively" wouldn't hurt as well. With best regards, Jon P.
  6. ACarrell

    Juvenile Rainbow Trout

    This is my attempt at painting a juvenile rainbow trout, where they're going from the fingerling stage with the blotches into their adult coloration. If you have any suggestions, I will absolutely welcome them!

    © Andrew Carrell 2016

  7. red8


    Trolling fly for salmon and trout. Peacock tail feathers, tinsel and acrylic head and soft plastic eyes.

    © rvruss2015

  8. barrybait

    20150324 090433[1]

    ABT Glide Bait I foiled and painted. This bait has a deep scale pattern in the mold. I applied imitation silver leaf to this bait to compare to the kitchen foil type of my other bait. Attached the leaf to the bait with D2T pressing down with breath and cotton ball. Scrubbed it off with DA a couple times before I got an acceptable job this being one of my first attempts at this procedure. Wanting the silver sides of the natural trout effect I was careful not to get too much transparent white on the sides. Seams much easier to hide due the leaf being very thin base coated edges opaque white to hide color transition. Body paints transparent Createx colors then opaque black for spots and pearlized white for belly. Liked the looks of this one better than the one I foiled with kitchen type foil. Came out with a crushed silver look made for a nice looking silver sided trout. The other bait looked more like I had applied chromed type paints Barry
  9. Decided to stay away from the hard and flexible tails. I ended up trying out some Rabbit Fur. LOOKS DAMN AMAZING in the test sink hahaha. Gonna give it a try tomorrow and see how the tail makes it swim. Any thoughts on using fur for a tail?
  10. F.A

    Trout lures

    Here is my epoxy molded 23grams 11cm Seatrout lures that is awsome here in the baltic sea.
  11. Wake Bait in Rainbow Trout Pattern!
  12. Hi there , folks , Some months ago I had put up the following video on YouTube , ....some of you fellas out there might have already seen it : In a recent comment on on this video someone stated that he could not quite figure out about my given building instructions , ....so I've made up my mind to do an instructional video this morning . My apologies for the video not being too clear , I should have used the close-up function of the camera , but I was not sure , whether it would work out , .....surely next time I will ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nn7y1C6y-_4 Greetz , Dieter
  13. Donnybrooks1979


    Various patterns
  14. Donnybrooks1979


    Rainbow Trout,Frog and lets says the Xmas pattern.
  15. Anyone Make their own flashers and/or dodgers? I'm interested in hydrodynamics and design, as I have a rough idea, but am in Florida, and so do not see alot of this... I do have a late 70s booklet on trolling, but that is all i've found. Curious about those on the big lakes, as to how much bend, degree, weight, size etc. Craig
  16. Hey everyone, I'm working on my swimbaits and can't decide on which fish pattern I should do next. I've already done my rainbow trouts a couple times now and want to try something new and challenging. The fish I'm thinking of; Native Cutthroat Trout, Brook Trout, Yellow Perch, Largemouth Bass. I put a picture of my rainbow trout so you can see my style of painting. Also a picture of my new swimbait that is needing the paint job. I'm leaning towards painting a cutthroat trout but still like those other fish patterns. Let me know guys, thanks.
  17. Hey everyone. I'm just starting making swimbaits. I've made 3 so far and working on 2 more. I have made all of them a one solid piece, meaning i don't split it in half to add my weights or screw eyes. What are the pros and cons in doing it this way. I see mainly everyone splitting their baits in half. I've attached some pics of the three baits i've made.
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