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Found 22 results

  1. Hey everybody, I've got a question for anybody who paints spinner blades with an airbrush: do you need to use some sort of primer or clear coat prior to painting? I fish walleye tournaments and have thousands of blades, and have recently gotten into custom painting crankbaits, and am looking into doing the same with blades. I have several patterns that I love which seem to simply have the paint sprayed directly onto the bare metal, with a clear coat over the top. I use createx paints, would just painting on the bare metal work? Thanks!!
  2. Hello everyone from NW Indiana! I'm new to this lure painting thing. I'm trying to get a pretty good idea on how to get started painting lures. If anyone can give me some tips or point me in the right direction on what material I will need such as what kind of paint do I use and the steps I have to take from start to finish. I would really appreciate the help guys. Thanks alot!
  3. Hey guys, Last weekend I was going through some of my trolling spinners. My buddy has asked me why I had so many of these "harnesses" as he called them. I told him what they are then showed him how to make them. After getting a bunch more questions he asked me to create a basic video to use. I've been building variations of these spinners, strip-ons, and live bait harnesses for years. They work wonders covering lots of water to find active fish. Last summer I had caught walleye, perch, pike, musky, bullheads, different panfish species. I want to see what
  4. My entry in best painted blank. Please critique. How could i improve this?
  5. A How To video on painting a Walleye Pattern crankbait
  6. Custom painted Baby Bass crankbait created by Gills 'n Thrills Customized Lures / Kayla Moore. Color combinations of red, yellow, lime green, hunter green, black and white with a scale pattern and glitter for some special effects. Was brought out fishing after completed and caught a 26 1/2" walleye!
  7. So I am kinda new to the area I live in at the moment and the main area of fishing is the Mississippi River in central Minnesota... and since I don't have my boat here it has all been done from shore. Now there have been plenty of people telling me there are walleyes to be had in the river even from shore but I had yet to catch one. I tried jigging with a minnow, I tried bottom fishing with minnows, crawlers, dead smelt... still no walleye... lots of bass... no walleye... so yesterday since the weather was cold and overcast I went to the dam on the deep side and just started chucking every cra
  8. country: germany material: polyurethan color: Wicked, Hansa pro-color finish: etex
  9. country: germany material: polyurethan color: Wicked, Hansa pro-color finish: etex
  10. I made this bait, and it was intended for bass, but guys keep asking how it does on walleye? I a can not give the a real answer as I have never tried it. Guys have said it should work really well on a jig. What do you think? As the bait is sitting still, the tail of the bait will rise up, when is is being used like a swim bait it will roll from 3 to 9 o-clock. It seems to come through the water really nice. Just don't walleye fish, thanks.
  11. Lipless "Grave Digger" body style in a Walleye pattern

    © Lure Me In Custom Painted Crankbaits

  12. Airbrushed trolling spoons for walleye fishing. Lacquer paint.

    © Katie Bartle 2013

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