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Tony Maxwell

Bearing cleaning

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wow bob p, using ether. We are wimpies in our shop. Prefer not to use any chemicals or flammable products. I have asthma and didn't want to breathe anything to harsh. It would cost us money to install a venta hood to pull out the vapors I would think. But, if it works for you, then by all means, do it. What we do in our shop may not be the best way, but works for us. Lots of shops do things in various ways and know what works for them too.

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there was an article in a magazine many years ago (in the dinosaur days) addressing polishing gears and bearing in baitcast reels. they used toothpaste and added to the gears and bearings to make the old ambassateurs cast more smoothly. it is not as abrasive as lapping compound. a linewinding machine was used to turn the reels to lap the gears and bearings. the reels were cleaned and reoiled. made the reels much smoother..........:yay:.............pete

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Bon Ami and water, with a pencil stuck in a drill, run for 30-60 seconds, and then rinse, and run the bearing under water to remove all the abrasive.

Add your favorite oil, and you now have a high-speed casting machine! This is a way to "tune" bearings that aren't fast from the factory to turn a conventional reel that was a dog into a sportster.

All this whining about tolerances must be for guys who can't handle a fast spool! (JUST KIDDING!... Sort of...) Ever hear of a "breaking in" period? Where something that was a little too tight when new reaches the point where it operates smooth and friction-free? That is the point of this exercise. The amount of steel removed is miniscule. You are actually POLISHING the bearings, if you do it right, and for not too long.


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I too am a.r. about my bearings. I replace all of mine with ceramic, even the spool bearings. I use my drill press to easily push the pin out. it takes 2 seconds. see the picture. there is a hole drilled in the wood directly under the pin. I am sorry, I cant figure out how to attach the picture...it says file too big.

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