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shelf life of airbrush paint

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Mine sits in the garage subject to whatever temps. Old paint tends to separate and develop clumps, especially in a partial bottle. Fresh is definitely better but I use it until it clogs my Iwata....then use it in my Badger :) If that starts shooting wads of paint, I toss it. Waste not, want not.

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To some extent yes but partial bottles still develop clumps eventually. I think the film of paint around the top and the sides not covered by the wet paint dries out. Shaking breaks off bits that attract paint and form clumps. It's not as big a problem with Createx as with some other brands. When I notice a clog developing while airbrushing, a quick shot of paint at full throttle will usually clear it out before it becomes a problem.

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Store them in a box, mounted to the front door on springs. Every time someone comes in or out, they get a little agitated. It works on the wife too, every time she opens the door and sees the box, she gets a little agitated.

It sounds silly, but if paint is allowed to stand, it will clump. If it is stored in a place that gets movement several times a day, it will stay lump free. Just have to think of a practical way to implement.

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All, sort of new to Airbrushing I have some Cretex paints that are 4-5 yr old.  They look good out of the bottle but when I reduce them i see little clumps on the edges of my mixing dish. My airbrush does not want to spray them.  The airbrush has a very fine needle.  

any thoughts for a newbie.


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I have noticed that new airbrush paint, like the gallon cans of paint you buy, will settle over time, but like the commercial cans a good mix will fix it.  The bottles at some stores can sit for months, even years and I have some unopened bottles at least 3 years old that are fine.

I have noticed that an open container of airbrush paint starts to clump and dry out as soon as it is opened, the timer is on the clock for it.  It depends on a lot of factors, but it can take weeks to months.

I have also noticed that if I take that opened bottle, and put a little petroleum jelly around the screw on lid, it slows down the drying that I think is causing most of the clumping.  I the pop top still allows some drying to take place.

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