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Rod Butt Shortening

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Most store-bought spinning rods I have ever bought have been to long. I get the butt of the rod caught in the life vest, gut, and fishing vest and are especially a pain in kayaking.

Many have asked my how do I chop a rod butt and this article will detail the procedure. Quite a few RSrs are either currently fishing with a rod I chopped or have donated the chopped rod to Davy Jones locker.

You will first need either a Dremel tool with a cutting wheel or a brand new hacksaw blade. I like the blades with the most teeth. These toothy blades will cut the graphite clean.

Next, measure up from the butt of the rod where you want to cut. For a St. Croix, keeping in mind you'll add 1/2 inch w/ the rubberized cork butt. For other rods, you

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Thank you for sharing a most eloquent justification for NOT having a big butt on a small rod. If the big butt is the so called fighting butt and is on a fly rod, the fly line will wrap around the fighting butt then wrap around; oar locks, coat or pants zippers, shoes, rocks, fishing stringer, net, hat, sun glasses, anchor, trolling or outboard motor, seats, steering wheel, windshield, canopy and any other thing or things it can which will delay your fishing. I am a strong advocate of fishing butts when ocean fishing for bill fish while strapped in a fighting chair; otherwise they should be junked oops recycled!



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