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anyone make their own screw locks

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I do, and I use difficult to work with stainless steel wire, too!

Try this method with a cordless drill and a 6P finish nail(or whatever diameter you want)

Put the nail in the drill, and then take your wire and shove it into the space between the chuck jaws. Spin the drill while guiding the wire up around the nail. Takes about two seconds.

You can make TONS of them VERY quickly like this! Vary the nail size for different sized baits. I use a 16P framing nail for big baits.

After doing it this way, you will be spoiled. Hope this saves you LOTS of time.


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most of the screw locks that i have found are very small dia. and have a little soo short of a end on them where it goes in the jig head....do any of you make your own? and if so how do you coil the wire and what kind of wire do you use?

I buy the copper ones from Hagen's ($69???/1000), they are cheaper in price than the stainless steel ones. I put these on 5 different Do-It jig molds and they all work fine with the molds that have the 1/8" pin for the weedguard. There are two ways to put them on the hook, to get them longer and shorter. On the top side of the hook, or on the bottom side of the hook with the hook laying down in your hand. There is a difference. Also there is a difference on what hook you use, actual size or one size bigger or one size smaller. This mainly depends on hook wire diameter. Everyone naturally wants them longer. Also the Tru-Turn hitch hikers will never fall off, unless you bend them too many times, in which they will break off. They are soft though, but I have never had any problems.

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