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8 x 4 ID bags?

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can anybody give me a suggestion for finding 8 x 4 ID laminated bags with hang holes. My sourse for 7 x 4 does not carry the 8 x 4 and Del's 7" sticks wont quite fit into the 7 x 4 bags.

I've orderd 100 from LC, but I'd like to find a bag wholesaler for a slightly larger order.

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Here is some clips I found by searching the forum. The search is a pain in the a#S. Hope this helps;


Try Bison bag company, Johnson bags, or Eagle flexible packaging. Eagle will be the most expensive and bison has the lowest order requirements.



www.associatedbag.com good prices and product





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Charlie, I went ahead and ordered from them today. I really didnt have time to shop around so I went ahead and placed the order. I told them you sent me along with several others. Hopefully its a quality product. I cant remember what the mil was.

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My thoughts exactly Chadk. They are not laminated they are just poly bags which or junk. They don't hold scents or oil back, they are fully breathable. Made that mistake a few months ago trying to cut some of the cost back but lucky only a few baits kicked the bucket. LOL I got my 4x6's from Johnson bag for like $90. ,then a few dollars for shipping. Next time I going to try Intact poly. Scott

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I hope I did not come off negative about any supplier. That was not my intention at. As a matter of fact, I received superior service from them. First rate customer service, same day shipping, speedy delivery, and all at a fair price. Not to mention they carry just about any size you want in stock.

I purchase my smaller bags from another supplier who does not carry this size in stock. For whatever reason, my smaller bags seem a bit thicker and may have a different, slightly superior zipper. They also have more of a border where the lamination is around the bag and a larger top portion where the hang hole is so as to avoid pull through. I still have not found another option to get some samples from so I’m sure I’ll be placing another order with them. I’m sure that one will be the same first rate service

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I do not believe that the bags from GT Zip are considered laminated bags, but I can say the 4 mil do hold scent and oil. I know this goes against everything you all have said and most wont believe it, but I have used them, Pit bull obviously is using them, and Richard from 152nd st baits has used some of them. They do hold up. Maybe they are laminated. They dont advertise that they are so I assume they are not and refused to purchase them until I saw richards post saying they held. The labels can have a hard time sticking to them sometimes. That is a drawback. But I have found if you press your labels on a firm flat surface before you bag they tend to stay. Take this for what its worth.

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I just went through well over 1,000 of the GTzip bags. They did hold up fine and certainly served their purpose. I think one or two out of the lot were defective. I don't believe any of them split at the seams. They are 1/2 the price of laminated barrier bags, but the I think the old say of "you get what you pay for" applies.

The negatives I find with these bags are:

They are not as clear as laminated barrier bags and therefore the baits do not look as appealing.

Labels do not stick well.

They do not leak however they are not air tight. Most scents will get tacky when left out. I believe the baits get tacky because these bags even though they did not leak they are not air tight.

If you are pouring for yourself and your friends, the 4mil GtZip bags will do just fine. If you are selling baits, I would suggest the laminated barrier bags. Just the appearance of the baits alone are worth the extra nickel! :twocents:

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