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Spin Casting

Stan Sloan has passed away.

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He was a legend in the lure business as well.

I was fortunate enough to meet him on several occasions and spoke with him on the phone quite often.

Stan was a grumpy ol cuss at times but I still had an enormous amount of respect for him.

He was a true Pioneer in the fishing industry.I wish I had a nickel for every spinnerbait Sloan Bait Company made over the last 20 years.

And dont forget........................how many of you ever used the Zorro Black Light for instance?

God Rest His Sole.


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Met Stan at the Atlanta South Eastern Jobbers Show (Fishing Tackle) back in either 69 or 70. Seemed like a nice guy. Made a bunch of spinner baits "Zoro" and the split tail trailers.

Another oldie bites the dust ... Gone to the "Happy Fishing Waters" ..


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Hello all. Man, I hate to hear that...another pioneer leaves us. I was lucky enough to meet Stan about 70-71 at Les' Thomas' old custom rod shop in Indianapolis during the Boat, Sport, and Travel show. Les was another "grumpy old man" but I wished I would have had a tape recorder to record that conversation. Even back then Stan was telling him that you needed a slower action rod to properly fish a spinnerbait. The new (for that time) "pool-cue" CA series of blanks from Fenwick were all the rage amongst the newly formed BASS tournament crowd. Now, all of the pros use slower action rods for spinner and crank bait fishing. Man, those days of the beginning of competitive bass fishing were pretty cool, especially when I was a wide-eyed teenager....Dave Ponto St. Cloud, FL

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