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Red Shad Recipe

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M-F has a pre made red shad color. I think Creek Critters uses it check their site or check the M-F site they have pictures of their colors. I have the M-F red shad but I haven't poured it yet. They may list it as red shad or maroon I can't rember. If you get it that will give you a good base color to tweek to what you want.

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Nova, I do alot of the time. I use one that is divided all the way to the spout for swirls, and one that the divider only goes 3/4 the way up for laminates. That is a very fast way to do laminates, not always an exact science but looks alot more natural with no lines in the bait. You also have to pour the plastic closer to the spout for laminates.

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Hello Chad...man, good luck!! I live in Central Florida....the HOME and ORIGINATOR (Culprit- circa 1975) of the classic Red Shad color. ...and man, its one of my hardest colors to match!.. Heres my best...to 4 oz. of plastic for each color...Top color...plain black is ugly, it just does not look right...try 20 drops Black, approx 3-4 fat matchheads of Black Lumina powder and heres my secret -approx 2 matcheads red pearl powder!! keeps it from being too dark...I don't use pearl red on the bottom color...it turns it a nasty pink shade....Bottom - 25 drops Maroon ("red shad") 2 matcheads Black Lumina powder, 1 fat matchstick of Pearl White powder and 3 -5 drops of Black to preference..makes a nice replica of Red Shad....warning...if you cook in your scent in like I like to do it WILL change your color..esp. on reheats. Same with adding green glitter to the bottom color...looks nice for the first pour but the glitter bleeding on reheats TOTALLY changes the shade.On this color I add scent after...it makes a big differece! Let me know how it works...Dave

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