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Need to make the most of your worm pouring time, if your not into doing pots and want to save some time, there is a decent way to do so.

here is what you can do when pouring sticks or any other baits for that matter.

Most of my colors all start with a base, watermelon, green pumpkin, black, white etc etc.

I bought some cheap cake pans in the 8 inch size, heat up a quart or two in a pot then pour them in 1 cup quantities into the cheap cake pans, let them sit and cool. I then roll them up like newspapers and store them in big zip lock gallon sized freezer bags. when I need to run off 500 or 100 baits, simply cut up one of the rolls and put in a pyrex cup in the microwave. This does two things

It doesn't take nearly as long to reheat when the salt and color have already been cooked and cut into small pieces, no need to second heat them as it usally cooks and is ready to pour in about 2.5 minutes

I don't like having stockpiles of stickbaits sitting around, I like them poured fresh and shipped out, customers seem to like it as well. I timed it our making 100 baits by mixing plastic, color then flake and everything else including bagging and labels and this will significantly reduce the amount of time spent in the shop.

My buddy came over and we poured 200 baits cut and bagged in about 30 minutes, so for you guys out there that are not using pots to pour and don't do too many orders this might help a bit, especially if you hear about "how much time are you going to spend pouring worms today" from the spouse

for my bigger orders I just pour from the pot, but hands down this is a time saver for me.

I also found a deal on those little pill boxes, the ones marked with each day of the week.. I use them to pre-measure flake for the colors I do, then simply pop open a day of the week and add to the already cokked plastic, also a big time saver when making an order up..again this is just what i found works for me, so I thought I would share

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I pour them in 1 cup amounts, after I remove them I roll them up like a newspaper, when I cut them I use a pizza cutter and cut about 6-8 pieces from one roll and throw it in a pyrex cup...

oh and 1 other thing, if I want a 100 baits then I keep cutting rolls up, I don't go back and remelt ends or nothing, I put them in a container with the color that it is, once I have enough then i remelt them down, that saves a bunch of time and I have no left over scrap anymore

realized no left over scrap is a good thing once you realize you have 10 gallons of it in your garage ....lol no more of that for me

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