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Dubs Chops

tiny air bubbles in my baits.

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It could be a couple things. The plastic you are using is a very good plastic and I would rule it out as the culprit. As another post stated, the stirring process can cause it. You should stir with a metal object, I use a butter knife and have since I started. The use of a wooden stirrer or one that is highly serrated or has holes in it have the chance of creating bubbles. Sometimes, it could be that the temperature is not quite up on the plastic yet. When you are at a very good pouring temperature, the plastic should be right on. The addition of salt can create bubbles as well. Remember that the addition of salt will cool the plastic considerably and you would need to get the plastic back up to temp. If the bubbles are frothy on top, you can ladle them out. If they are through out the plastic and you have used a good stirrer, good plastic, and your plastic is reading 340-350, you can let it set for a minute only gently stirring it.

Maybe one of these will help.


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