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Standard Split Ring Size???

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Size 3 split with a # 2 treble would be pretty close but you should check a lure you already have to make sure you don,t change the action of it. Down load the split-ring page from Hagens or Lure Making .com and you shoud get accurate sizes to compare what is on your lures now.Print the page out don,t go by the size on your monitor it won,t be right. Or if you have a catalogue from one of the suppliers then the pics they use is usually a size chart for that product

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@ booneangler

So far all has been said before , just wanna tell you , that there are different styles of splitrings around , not all styles are available in all sizes , as far , as I am concerned .

There are "standard" splitrings and "extra strong"(2X strong) .

These are usually made out of tempered steel and chrome ,-or nickel plated and would certainly rust after a longer priod of time or when not drying sufficiently after use .

And there are also stainless steel splitrings around , but size for size these are not quite as strong as their tempered steel counterparts .

And then there are the 3X strong "Wolverine" splitrings , but as far , as I am concerned , these are not available in very small sizes , mainly used to rig musky lures .

You can also find a splitring size chart in the catalog download of Welcome to Moore's Lures .

good luck:yay: , diemai

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