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What to use to attach hooks to wood body

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I'm new at this whole building lures, and the one thing I can't figure out is what do you use to attack the hooks to a wooden body crankbait. Do you use a small eye screw? Or a special wire rig? I get my wooden bodies already cut out whole for me. Please any help would greatly appreciated...links, photos.....Thanks...Brian

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@ bollieca84

At first , ........welcome to TU:yes::yay: !

There are different ways to attach hooks to a wooden lure , the most simple and fasted method are eye screws , twisted into a pilot hole , ....for added strength these may be glued in as well .

Similar to these are so called "twisted wire" eyes , homemade wire forms with a twisted shank , that is epoxied into a bore into the lure .

There are also some kinda "plate" hookhangers available at component suppliers , ...these are mounted to the lure blank with two small screws .

The most strength against the strain of a fighting fish is provided by so-called "trough-wire harnesses" ,.... these are internal wire forms that have all hook eyes and line tie connected to one another .

These thru-wire forms can be assembled in a few different ways as well , .......either glued into a slot at the belly of the lure ,........ put inbetween the lengthwise separated lure blank(two halves glued together with wire form inbetween) or a center wire shaft leading internally centered from one end to the other ,....... an eye wrapped on either end , whereas the belly eye(s) are "figure eight" forms passing through bores leading from belly to center and slid over the center shaft inside of the blank ,......of course all epoxied together .

This last mentioned method is often used on lures with rotating head or tail portions , but I have also seen it on lathe-turned crankbaits in here .

To find more info , just put some terms into the the search function on top right of page , ........try "screw eyes" , "twisted wire eyes" , "through wire form" , "through wire harness" , "hook hangers" , etc ..........!

Also check thread "looks that simple the Finnish way"(also type term in search function bar) , there is a two part video there showing , how a balsa crankbait with a thru-wire harness is made .

I am not quite sure , but I think on :-:-: Lure Making :-:-: The Official LureMaking.com Website | Tackle Components | Lure Components | Lure Making Information | Lure Making Supplies you can download the "Canadian Guide To Luremaking" , there is a chapter about wooden lures containing in this little manual ,........ I have the printed version .

good luck , diemai:yay:

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@ The_Rookie

Ooops:huh: , ......I forgot to mention another one , which are cotter pins , ....passing from the belly through the entire body with at least one of their tag ends bent backward into the wood at the back portion .

These are almost exclusively used on kinda rectangular cross-sectioned(more wider than high) and slender bodied muskie pullbaits , .......the famous "Suick" has such hook hangers .

greetz , diemai:yay:

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Like Dieter said, there are a number of different methods to use.

Screw eyes are, by far, the simplist method.

I would let the wood you're using make the choice.

If it's balsa, either thru-wire method is the choice, or the internal plate.

If it's pine, or a hardwood, as long as you predrill, and strengthen the threaded hole by running in the screw eye, and then backing it out, coating it with super glue, and then running it back in, screw eyes work fine.

Remember, as long as you're using a cranking rod with some kind of monofilament, as opposed to a flipping stick with 50lb braid, the line or rod will break before the hook hanger fails.

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