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Labeling Bags

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Thanx for that information Richard ... just placed an order with them ... beats the heck out of Office Depot for the same Avery labels ... I use a good ol'HP - 895cse (and it is several years old on 3rd computer) Have an Epson sitting over there that I use for the scanner that thing uses more Ink ,Not using it and it still uses it, don't know where it goes.




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Artificial, I have had problems with injet printers, the labels smear when they get wet/oily. I had to spray the labels (which were claimed to be waterproof) with 2 coats of clear acrylic to keep them from smearing. Got old quick. I now use the samsung lazerjet with no problems. Got it from Staples on clearance, small color lazerprinter. As far as the cost I believe it is the same as the inkjet. Hope this might help.


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Thanks guys. Going to look for some printer deals to see what I can come up with.

It will be a few weeks before I'm done with some home projects and have electric in my out building where I pour. boosted it to a 200 amp service so now I can fire up all kinds of hot pots. Should have seen my electricians face when I said I wanted to run several crock pots, 2 micro waves, and a sauna.

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If you can find a good deal on a Laser Printer would be the best as Ink will smear when exposed to too much moisture .... My old ink jet is doing its thing now but if I were getting a new one would consider the Laser simply because of the more permanent print job.



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Thought this might cost to much. Like I said, this is my first look at this area. Never sold a single plastic. Gave away about 20 gals worth so far with all my testing.:drool: Need to at least sell some to buy more plastic and molds. LOL

Whats a 1000 labels go for?

I am planning on having like 3 colors over a white label. Graphics and text. Don't know if that matters or not.

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We tried getting our labels printed. It is very expensive for us. We have so many different products in different sizes that we decided on the laser printer. The one we went with is the Color Laser Printer by Samsung model 315 W. This printer sells for under 200.00 . The toner cartridges which is where your expense for this model printer sells for 49.00 each. Check the prices of other brand toners. That is why we went with the Samsung. We can get over 1500 full color pages from the toners if I remember correctly it was more like 1700 pages on the 1st set. The print quality is great and they labels seem to hold up well. You can find deals on the print stock if you look around. The weatherproff ones did not do any better then the standard ones for us.

When you are looking at Laser printers do your self a favor and check the price of the toners before you commit. I think you will be like I was and get Shocked that you have to buy 600.00 worth of toners for a 150.00 printer.

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Thanks again guys.

Bear that printer ranks up there for low cost. Lots of good reviews. So I dug a little deeper.

Here’s a cost on the Samsung CPL 315 Laser printer.

Refurbished printer by Samsung with 90 day warrantee runs 90 something delivered. Here and Ebay it can be found.


Inks come with printer. Takes 4 cartridges that sell for 40 a piece. Found that price here http://www.electrawarehouse.com/productDetailsByName.php?name=Samsung+CLP-315

Avery 3.5x5” labels are 4 per sheet. 100 sheets 400 labels for 45 bucks.

Printer stats state for full color pages the cost is 15 cent per page. Figure you’re not using entire page. Just where labels are so this is worst case cost.

Ink 15 cent per page divided by 4 labels per page

Labels are 4 cents each.

Total cost if labels is 15 cent each not including cost of printer. Figure if you get ten thousand labels before printer dies you added 1 cent per label to cost.

This is worst case highest cost: 16 cent per label per first ten thousand then 15 cent per label after that.

From what Bear states he gets I'm guess he's really paying about 9 cents per full color label.

Then add 200 for new inks that Bear gets 1700 sheets from and you up the cost 2 cent per label.

Worst case comes up to 11 cents per label for Bear.

In either case it looks to be well under 20 cent per label.

Anyone have anything to compare this to using other printers or buying completed labels from a print shop?

Also had a small brand new B/W thermal label printer given to me. Thinking of using that for maybe color and size label on backs so I can use a standard label in the front on many diff lures. Well see when I start playing.

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Hand writing them is really the only cost effective way. Example of the labels I used:

Model: 6 inch Pro Worm

Color: Green Weenie

Amount: 25

Model, Color, and Amount were pre-printed on each label.

Worked well for me and I found the fishermen really didn't care, as long as they could read the label.

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Bountiful, if you have 30 different baits in 15 different colors that is 450 DIFFERENT labels...would they break the 10k up like that? That is my dilemma. Do you hand write what each bait is on the label?

Tee, the 3x4 waterproof label is Logo, website info only. I buy the Avery 8195's for detailing whats in the package. They come 60 to a sheet, are small, and fit nicely on the package.

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