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Soft Plastic Scraps Wanted

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Any Amount is fine, I was hoping I could get it free or for for very little money, Im only 14.

I am also looking for Scrap Formula 536 Plastic in Lurecraft’s catalog. I am in reasearch and development for A new creature bait design I came up with an am testings plastic for it. I wiould also use the scrap plastic to pour new plastics.

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Basspro, PM me your address. If you will pay the shipping, I'll see what I can do to fix you up. It's a soft medium formula, it's not LC's plastic or anyone elses. It's an industrial plastic, made for machine production, but a lot of guys on TU will tell you it makes great re-melts. Let me know how much you need lb wise, and I'll see what I can do for you. I remember when I was 14. And to all the guys on TU, let's help keep them off the street and on the water fellas.

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