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My Painting Tutorial Videos

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no broblemos guys, i do them just for fun and seems like other builders are more or less secretive and don't want to share there techniques, i found it being little bit arrogant and especially for beginners i though it would be a nice way to get into the hobby more when you don't have to learn everything by trial and error. over here in Finland there are a lot of good tutorials in books/ magazines and websites but since they are in Finnish most of the guys outside Finland don't really get to see them or find them.

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I love your work Mikko. If I lived in Finland I would love to become your apprendist. Thank you for sharing all your work, not often pros like will share their work, wich I do understand especially if its their livelyhood


Thank you again, God Bless You



yeah i think i would not be sharing these techniques ether if i was doing this as a job, not because i don't want people to steal my tricks or ideas but simply i would not have the time for that or any interested after a long day of working and making lures, one tends to want to think of and do something completely different after there work or atleast i do :D 

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