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Brush Jig

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How does the brush jig fish in hydrilla or other grass

I personally don't like them. Stand up jigs never seem to stand up when they drop in the water. Take a look at them in a clear lake. The surface has to be flat and the fall has to be perfect. How often does that happen. If I were to use a stand up jig. I would modify an erie jig. Although I do sell brush jigs, one of the complaints I have gotten from lots of guys was the hook size on the 1/4 oz brush jig. The size they state makes the jig top heavy and it falls over. So you have two choices, use a smaller hook which does work quite well on a flat surface and/or file the bottom of the jig to give it more flat surface so it doesn't tople over.JMO

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M@tt how do they fish in the grass

I can't say I'm an expert all I know really comes from trial and error. I think that is why I'm successful. I fish tourneys so I need to learn from mistakes and learn fast.

I prefer the 3/8 ounce brush jig I can feel it better In all situations windy, grass, rocks, wood, and current.

I have caught plenty of fish in grass with these jigs but if I was fishing deep grass in appx. 12ft I would use a 1/2- 3/4 ounce jig merely so I could easily punch my way through to the fish.

I hope this helps.

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I can't speak about how it works in grass because I use other jigs for that but for it's intended purpose it fishes great. It does well in rocks for me to. If you are fishing in brush the stand up part doesn't matter but if you fish it in rocks, like I do, use a floating plastic for your trailers and it stands up fine.

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I use the brush jig a lot in hydrilla and milfoil as well as pads wood flooded bushes and brush I dont usually let my jig set very long so I am not worried about it standing up I use a 291 gamakatsu hook in it especially if I am fishing with braid I made some with the new Trokar TK800 hooks but havent had time to try them yet plus the water is cold or frozen I caught a 200lb gator on the gamakatsu hook model at lake okeechobee 3 weeks ago

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