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Modify Mold To Take Flat Eye Hook

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How would I go about doing that I want to modify the brush jig to take a flat eye hook

1. Keep a pot of lead hot.

2. Use a sharpie to trace the edge of the flat eye hook.

3. Dremel out (very gradually) the hook eye slot on 1/2 of the mold.

4. Pour the cavity to check for progress (depth, angle, etc).

5. Repeat for other side once your poured blanks show that appx 1/2 of the hook eye will now fit the first side. Check for overall hook fit starting now (shank, leg to shank angle).

6. Dremel and file out any minor adjustments so hook does not end up fitting at an offset angle (with respect to weedguard).

Pretty simple mod. Just go slow and have some JB weld on hand for problem spots. If the hook eye angle is the same, I will often use the factory eye location and start the cut there. Some molds it is easier to move it forward though.

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How would I go about doing that I want to modify the brush jig to take a flat eye hook

Interesting...a friend had asked me to use a wide gap hook in his brush jigs, but after he saw the Owner hooks I put in them he changed his mind right away. That said, Mustad makes an awesome flat eye hook 38109 I believe, and now since you posted this, you got the wheels turning...thanks!! (HEAVY sarcasm) B)

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