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Hand Carving Your Own Wood Lure

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Gene your tutorial has helped me create many new baits.

Thank you!

I would like to add one little safety tip to it. As a beginner, I have learned the hard way. It is so basic that i hesitate to even post this but here it is. Recently I cut my hand while carving. Some cuts at the beginning may be expected but this one could have been avoided with good form. While carving with a knife it safest to carve just as Gene seen doing in his picture with arms resting on table. The reason for this is simple. If you should drop your knife while carving, it is natural to try and catch it. If your working on a table like Gene, not much can go wrong. The knife can not go far and neither can your hands.

I was carving while sitting on a stool with nothing in front of me except my hands and the piece I was working on. When the knife slipped from my hand it landed butt down and blade up on my thigh. As i reached for the knife, I buried the blade in my hand. The sharpest longest carver i have. Luckily nothing important was cut. Only a flesh wound requiring a few stitches. I did however learn a very important carving lesson.

Great tutorial Gene! I thank you every new bait i create with it.


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I didn't know I was going to have to write a disclaimer to put with my tutorial.

I've re-read my tutorial three times and I can't find the part about stabbing yourself. If you'll let me know where it's located, I'll remove that part so no one else stabs themselves. :nuhuh:

I hope you're okay, my friend.


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awesome tutorial but a video , would make it twice as good, im really confused on how to get the exact geometry on the sides ?

Jay, some of us use templates and some use layout marks drawn on the bait. Others are good enough at carving that they can more or less eyeball it. I like to use templates. If your wanting to duplicate an existing lure you can take a picture of the top and bottom views as well as a side profile pic. These pictures can then be edited in a photo software program. You just erase all the background leaving just the image that's to be duplicated. These images can then be sized to the appropriate dimensions and printed out. The printout is then cut out with a pair of scissors and glued to a piece of thin cardboard, or any stiff paper, to be used as a template. It's a good idea to draw centerlines on the top and bottom profiles to help with centering them up on your wood blank. After marking it's just a matter of carving and shaping.


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In my opinion the best carving knife for the money is a Murphy knife. You can find them at several locations but I would personally recommend Smokey Mountain Woodcarvers. Mac Profitt is the owner will take good care of you. I personally use knives that I make myself.


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Gene....excellent tutorial...always thought it would too difficult to make my own 'carved lure', but after reading this post, I feel I may could accomplish it even as a greenie...thanks for giving me the confidence to at least try! Of course I'm sure folks in the past on viewing some of Rembrandt's paintings thought....I think I'll try that...but I notice there aren't a lot of Rembrandt's look alikes out there...ha!


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