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Applying Attractants To Plastics

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I've had great success with every "Bang" attractant that I have used on my baits, but I've read in multiple places about different ways to apply them to my baits. I have always just sprayed my baits (crankbaits, jigs, spinnerbaits, and all of the plastics) with one of the "bang" attractants (usually crawfish or pure craw for my plastics and the shad or anise shad on crankbaits and what not) after tying them onto my pole, just prior to use. But more and more I've read on forums and reviews that when it comes to using the attractants on soft plastics, it's better to put some of the attractant in a ziplock bag with the plastics and let them soak for a night or whatever amount of time. Even when I simply spray my lures and plastics with these attractants, they still seem to smell days, and in some instances, weeks after application. I don't want to "soak" my worms and other plastics in the attractant for whatever amount of time if it isn't going to be much more effective when using because it would seem to be a waste of the attractant. Any thoughts on this matter? And if you do believe its better to use the ziplock bag method to "soak" the plastics in the attractants, how long should it be done for?


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