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Buying A Rod And/or Reel

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I am looking to add some new rod/reel combinations to my bass fishing arsenal and was wondering if prices typically drop in the late fall, winter time? Being as that is the "off season" most sporting good stores mark down prices on there stock of lures and rods/reels, do websites also typically drop there prices on this stuff? Also, it seems many big producers of reels and rods introduce there new lines in the fall or winter, so then older or some discontinued models may go down in price? Didn't want to fork out a good chunk of change on new equipment if the prices were likely to go down in a month or two!!

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You can see a sale anytime but on "new" reels, you often see big sales when a manufacturer changes a current model to a newer model and allows retailers to discount the older reels to reduce their inventory. That usually happens in early fall. Shimano did this recently on some of their baitcast reels and you may find a few left at retailers or online at Ebay. Since Shimano carefully controls retail sales prices, this is about the only time you see them on sale. Other manufacturers are less anal about retail prices, so you can see Daiwas, Abu Garcia, etc sold for "less than full retail" pretty often. Take a look at the reel you want on Ebay to get an idea of which reels are in excess supply - you usually see many listings for them when that happens.

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