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Soft Plastic Cookbook

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ALso dont forget when adding salt(which is white) you need to add more color...

I got the blue fleck down perfect for the senkos

but now I cant find the recipe, I will dig it up...

The other day I was playing around and slipped and came out with an Identicle junebug color for just worms with out salt...

40 drops of black grape and 55-60 drops of red(lure craft colors shaken very well ) in 1.5 cups of m-f plastic


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Frog Formula

4 oz Lurecraft 502 8 drops lc kudzu green add 1/4 teaspoon of medium black flake. This is the top of the frog

4 oz Lurecraft 502 1/4 teaspoonful Lurecraft white pearl powder. This is the bottom layer of the frog.

I sometimes place a chartruese foot and leg on the frog.

I use a lurecraft frog 5x714

Works for me here in southern OK. That is my only guarantee! :)


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Heres the ones submitted from the users at redg8r.com:

date : 26/11/2002

Color : aarons magic

By : chirmy

Plastic : litlle bit

Mix : add 4 drops of green and 6 drops of blue pearl to about 3 ounces of plastic

Notes : Not exactly but a close look alike

date : 26/11/2002

Color : Bluegill

By : B & D Lures 1

Plastic : 1-2 ounces of plastic

Mix : black color-add 1 drop of color to plastic until you get a light to medium shade of smoke.

.035 black glitter

.035 gold glitter

.035 blue glitter

put the same amount of black and blue glitter in the plastic.

put only a very light amount of gold glitter in the plastic.

Mix everything real well, by stiring. Once you are satisfied with the mixing, begin pouring into your mold(s).

Mix again after 2 pours.

date : 27/11/2002

Color : Zoom Plastic recycle

By : Larryinmarietta

Plastic : 1/2 cup of old zoom worms

Mix : For more heavy baits add more salt when worms are completely melted.

Notes : This is for micowave oven directions: first add about 1/8 cup of un-cooked fresh liquid plastic to a corningware cup. Then add plastic worms parts, cut up into 1 inch parts. Set micowave to low/med power and set timer for 1 min. You will have to adjust the time and setting for your microwave. I use an old unit in the garage for this activity. Spray the molds with worm oil/jacks juice/cooking oil pam to make getting the new worms out of the mold. Cook the plastic till the new plastic is ready and the old worms are all melted. Add additional salt and glitter if needed and pour.

date : 28/11/2002

Color : smoke with flake

By : megabass/ Ken

Plastic : per ounce

Mix : sure this is an easy one but years ago I had to learn by trial and error so this should help someone just starting to pour worms.

add one drop of black per ounce of plastic for light "clear" smoke and two drops of black per ounce of plastic for a "medium " smoke color .

Add silver and black flake to imitate baitfish ,Red to imitate crawfish or another good crawfish imitator is made by adding red,green,black,and copper (or orange)flake to smoke colored baits. This is essentially the Yamamoto grub color #180

Notes : always use an exhaust fan and avoid breathing the fumes from hot plastic when melting /pouring.

I normally use a microwave and cover the pyrex cup with saran wrap to contain the fumes .

date : 28/11/2002

Color : junebug

By : megabass/Ken

Plastic : per ounce of plastic

Mix : add three drops of "indigo" (black grape) per ounce of plastic .

when plastic is hot stir in green glitter until you get the desired effect.

date : 28/11/2002

Color : Cotton Candy

By : basskat

Plastic : 4 ozs.

Mix : 1 drop pumpkin, 1 drop red, green, red, black, & blue glitter. Add scent and/or salt just before pouring.

Notes : You may have to adjust the colors some depending on your preferences.

date : 05/12/2002

Color : Bubblegum

By : JGK

Plastic : 1/2 cup @ 4 oz.

Mix : 5-6 drops Florescent Pink

2 drops white

Notes : The florescent pink must be added before you heat the plastic. Stir and put on heat. The plastic will become darker as it becomes heated. When ready, add white and stir. Pour.

date : 24/12/2002

Color : Junebug

By : B & D Lures 1

Plastic : 1 ounce

Mix : 1 ounce of liquid plastic

add purple color until you reach a medium to medium heavy shade. Mix thoroughly.

just before you pour, add green glitter( enough to your able to see the green shade). Do not put too much glitter. You will lose the strength of your plastic.

Insure that you mix the plastic each time you pour.

date : 10/03/2003

Color : watermelonseed- non bleeding

By : Wonderboy

Plastic : 5 gallons

Mix : 6.8 grams school bus yellow. 4 grams black. .3 (or 1/4 cup) small black glitter. .3 (or 1/4 cup) large black glitter.

Notes : add dye and glitter before cooking. You may need to add cab-o-sil , a few cups, to keep the glitter from falling. Mix WELL ! If you are using a microwave, add salt after it is cooked.

date : 17/07/2003

Color : Plum

By : alsworms

Plastic : 4 ounces

Mix : 6 drops Black Grape

5 drops Strawberry

I like blue flake mixed in also.

date : 17/07/2003

Color : Mustard Seed

By : alsworms

Plastic : 4 ounces

Mix : 6 drops MF Transparent Yellow

4 drops Lure Craft Amber Brown

3 drops White

black flake

green hi-lite (optional)

date : 22/07/2003

Color : Watermelon Candy

By : alsworms

Plastic : 4 ounces

Mix : 4 drops MF Watermelon Brown

Lots of small & medium purple flake

touch of medium red flake

touch of medium black flake

touch of medium blue flake

touch of large green flake

Notes : I have seen many variations of watermelon candy, but this one works best for me. I especially like the brown watermelon.

date : 01/08/2003

Color : Watermelon red

By : bassin5

Plastic : 2oz

Mix : 2 drops LC watermelon

1/8 tsp fine red glitter

a hair over 1/8 tsp med black glitter

1/2 tsp salt.

Notes : This is the closest i have come to matching zooms watermelon red color. Works great in just about any situation. Good luck.

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berkley Camo is one of the hardest colors to make. (at least for me)

Ive been playing a little, its close but no cigar yet

1 cup plastic

4 drops of moss green

3 drops of watermelon

2 drops oxblood

now the key I found to give it the brownish effect was the brown Fleck and the gold fleck added into it. I only had .035 and it should be fine fleck

Like I said close but not right yet


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We melted that stuff all down and started from scratch. here one thats is better I think with green fleck it would make it.



this one is Floresant yellow and pumpkin with black flake.

all ready had the colors made and remelted together(daughters idea)

I think if green fleck was used it would bring the greens out

Its weird you can have one color but change the fleck and get different colors.

I just downsized the pics so the screen wouldnt scroll


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Hey Del, I made up a camo color for a customer this spring. It looked like a Berkley tube, here's the dope....

Tubeman's Magnetic Wammo Camo

1 cup plastic

9 drops rootbeer

13 drops amber

8 drops carmel

small red glitter 1/2 tsp (estimated)

small green glitter 1/2 tsp (estimated)

salt to desired consistancy

Out of all the colors I have tried to re-created, this one is the closest I have every come. All colors came from Lurecraft.

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Here is a couple cool colors that I have made ; The first one I call "Watermelon Gold";


1 cup plastic, "I used 3G plastic"

6 drops Avocado Green, "All colors and glitter are from Lure Craft"

1/2 tsp Large Black Flake

3/4 tsp Small Gold Flake

1/4 tsp Small Silver Hologram Flake

A also put in shad scent and softner to suit.

The nexy one I call "Ice Blue"


1 cup plastic

2 drops blue

1/2 tsp pearl white powder

1/2 tsp Large Blue Flake

1/2 tsp Small Silver Holo Flake

and again I add softner and scent

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Natural Worm

4 oz rubber

4 drops pumpkinseed

1 drop natural brown

Glitter your choice

Purple Camo

4 oz rubber

14 drops purple

14 drops natural brown

green glitter

Motor Oil Camo

4 oz rubber

5 drops natural brown

20 drops motor oil

2 drops green

Motor Oil

4 oz rubber

2 drops black

14 drops golden yellow

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8 oz plastisol,

5 drops pumpkin seed

10 drops flo yellow

( yes add a touch of stabilizer)

cook til ready to pour,

Add 1/4 tsp med. black flake,

dont forget 1/8 tsp pearl white....

Bon appitite`


Alt recipie instead of using flo yello use chartreuce, then substutie the pearl white with green hi lite's

Awsome golden green punkin seed!!!

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Ok guys for thoughs of you that asked here is a few more recipes


I'm using all Lure craft color and glitter and Cathoun plastic

Motor oil pepper

(second from the right)

1/2 cup plastic

2 tsp softner, Again I add softner to all my plastics

2 drops yellow

1 drop pumpkinseed

1/4 tsp Large Black Flk.

1/16 tsp Small Gold Flk.

Plum Crazy


1'2 cup plastic

2 tsp softner

2 drops rasberry

3/8 tsp Large Purple Flk.

1/8 tsp Small Gold Flk.

The last one I call

Ghost hologram

(second from the left)

1/2 cup plastic

2 tsp softner

1/8 tsp Large black Flk.

1/8 tsp Small Silver Hologram Flk.

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Nope - the flake is optional. You may have heard of "Aaron's Magic Red". That's just red flake in the watermelon. Gives the worm a little more of a crawdad look.

Another option: just add blue hi-lite in the watermelon, then pour your brown. Doesn't look as good as the triple pour, but it's just as effective.


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Hey guys, I thought I would share a couple of my goto colors with you since I am a newbie.

This bait color is a transaprent metallic green pumpkin. Great for reapers!

  • 8 oz Lurecraft 536
    6 drops LC Pumpkin
    3 drops LC Watermelon
    3 drops LC Amber
    A SMALL quantity of LC metallic silver powder (about the size of a match head?)
    I like this bait seasoned with either Large Back Flake or LC Holo String Glitter...or both. The fish like it too!

"Berzerk Berry"....

  • 8 oz Plastic ( I think I used 3G last time with good results...shocking!)
    6 drops MF White Pearlescent
    5 drops LC Black Grape
    4 drops MF Purple
    2 Drops LC Red
    Add the pearl before heating...Mix Colors in thoroughly.

I like green and blue flake in this one...The color looks crazy in the water, it works well when the sun is up.

I like to add about 5-6 drops of LC Garlic Oil and some Procure Shad to the bag and salt em up so they don't stick!

Good Luck in the PreSpawn!


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This is a 'from scratch' recipe for motor oil. Al's Worms gave me a 'thumbs up' on it.

All Lure Craft Coloring. Add all color before heating.

4 oz Plastic

2 black

4 amber

5 yellow

10 flourescent yellow

Add your choice of flake. If you want it just a tad darker, try adding 2 drops of purple.

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