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Soft Plastic Cookbook

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Anyone master the bass assassin "opening night" color???


It looks like a Lure Craft minnow silver belly with some added holograph flake.  The back side looks like a very light smoke with violet hi-lite.........maybe even try it without the smoke....


In this case, smoke would be one drop of black in 4 ounces of plastic

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Is there a "standard size" for black fleck?.. Clueless I ordered .008 size in all my glitters, it's so tiny that it looks more like "black dust" than black fleck

Most common is the mid-sized .035, although many will use .008 and even up to the .062 to achieve different effects as well. 


I haven't poured in awhile, so they might be making flake the size of peanuts now.  LOL

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Hey Guys


Hennie here from South Africa, how have you all been, how's the fishing states side? Here we are coming of winter now and I'm looking forward to the fishing this summer.


I need you guy's advice, I want to buy the dvd on lure making from lure craft and I want to know if any one knows if it worth it, or is there any vids on line that could help me more than the dvd, as you guest I'm still a novice with making my own lures and could use all the help I can get.


Hope you guys can give some good advice.


Cheers guys

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Baby Bass senko laminate

Top Color

1/2 cup plastic

2 T popcorn salt

3/4 T softener

25 drops watermelon (lureworks)

5 drops black melon (lureworks)

.035 black flake

.008 gold flake

Bottom color

1/2 cup plastic

2 T popcorn salt

3/4 T softener

4 drops white

pearl powder

Use less white for the bottom color maybe 1 drop to start as it is very thick with some pearl powder.

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