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Soft Plastic Cookbook

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Hey guys, first post here. I read these forums quiet a bit, but never actually posted until now. I took all the color recipes from this thread and put them into a document (.html,.doc, and pdf) and compressed them so no one would have to scrape through the whole thread. This has saved me tremendous amounts of time (both trial and error on colors, etc...) and I hope to return the same to any one needing any combination or listing of colors/recipes. With all I have learned from the soft plastic guys on these boards, I had no choice but to "pay it forward" in return. MattL,Delw,ghost,al/saint, and preds....thanks tremendously for the knowledge you guys share to keep this sport and pastime going!


u have the pdf I am new at pouring

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Hi Guys, new to DIY soft plastics. Hopefully I'm not requesting something that has been covered in the past.  I am wondering if someone has a recipe for 'Berkley Gulp - Pumpkinseed' colour that they are willing to share?  Also Zman 'Motor Oil' and 'Bloodworm' would be great to.  Thanks

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i TRIED to get there green pmp the other year.. wow.. weird color.. sorta looks brown but when held to light a darker green shows through.. played with g.p. from 2 dif. vendors and like 4 other colors an  got it close but when held to light it was off. seemed like i could get the 1 shade down either when bait was on sheet or when held to light but never both. If that makes sense?


sorry  for the confusion

I would just make a green pump that you have available. Alot of us get hung on a big baits company  color and what we don't realize is our variations are just as good.

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Anyone have any idea how Huddleston swimbaits make their silvery sheen base coat? Is it painted or some type of colorant. That is exactlywhat I want to do with my Muskie swimbaits.  

I would also love a great pearl white recipe if anyone has one  


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17 hours ago, greyhawk said:

how is black neon made? is it black with micro red?


It's a personal choice.  You can use small or medium red flake.  One thing I learned about black neon is use less black to let the red show a bit more. 

As for the other colors (money milk and glacier,) I got nothing when searching.  It would help a bunch if y'all could post a pic.

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