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Erie Rig - Finished Product ?

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I bought an Erie Rig mold and can't find any information about how to complete the rig after pouring. It has a lead head like the Erie Jig (not the Erie Dearie) with a long wire sticking out the back. Is the idea to attach a bait harness to that wire so it acts like a Lindy rig with a fixed head?

The only other thing I can figure is to put a hook at the end of the wire and bend it upwards to hold the bait off the bottom. I bought it on a lark and am thinking to make a few baits to use on our Canada trip in June.

As always, your advice and thoughts are appreciated.

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Thanks for the explanation and picture.

It looks like I would really need to keep that bait moving along the bottom pretty fast to run that spinner. Of course, I am just assuming that the "shoe" of the rig is designed for bottom bouncing. Could this be a swimming / trolling rig?

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