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Charging T-battery

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It would if you left it running all day long and kept driving around. However, the average person fishes for hours upon hours drawing amps from their trolling motors and only driving a few minutes. The boat motor's alternator is not able to recharge anything more than its own battery and if accessories are hooked up to it then sometimes it can not maintain even that much.

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You could and I was going to but you need to put a battery isolater inline what it does is let "extra voltage to your trolling motor battery after your starting battery is charged

I believe it will also protect your starting battery from draining when using your trolling motor

I also thought of putting a switch in between but the problem with that is if you drain your T battery and flip the switch the t battey will pull alot of amps from the start battery in a hurry if ther is'nt a breaker and you don't use heavy wire they could melt.

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Good answers guys. Yes you could put an isolator in and it will work. However the amount of overflow charge to your trolling motor batteries would be so minimal, because like mentioned you don't use your big outboard as much so it can't keep charging. Unless you leave your OB running all the time but then you're wasting gas and still not getting that much extra charge.

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most guys I see running this set up are trolling using there main motor as thrust and there trolling motor with I pilot or auto pilot to keep them heading the right way

If you are just running for a couple minutes from spot to spot the effect will be minimal you would be better off spending your money on another battery

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