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What Wire Is Best To Use For Through Wire Construction?

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Hi everyone I am relatively new to this forum ,and I am hoping to get some much needed advice around using through wire construction in my timber lures.I am currently using 0.8mm stainless steel welding wire to attempt to build the through wire,however it seems to be too springy.I am planning to upsize to a 1.0mm diameter wire but I dont want the spring,i am not using any specific tool to form the wire,,, only by hand any advice would be greatly appreciated?

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Bopper-Your likely to get answers to your question if you would post in the hardbait section of this forum. This section is for members to submit tutorials and actual how to do something, Questions are usually posted in the appropriate sections. Also try the search function at the hardbait section for "through wire" and you should get lots of information. Your question has been asked before. Me- I use 18 gauge SS wire for my crankbaits for bass. Strong enough but easy enough to bend and form.

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