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hard bait cookbook

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I call my newest color Beach Day(picture(s) to come later)...

  • Straight Createx Opaque White (Base Coat)
  • Straight Createx Opaque Red (Bottom of Head)
  • 5 Drops of Createx Opaque Coral & 8 Drops of Createx Pearl Copper (Head)
  • 10 Drops of Createx Opaque White & 5 Drops of Createx Opaque Blue (Spine/Back)
  • Straight Createx Opaque Black (Kill Spot)
  • Flex Coat (non-UV) Epoxy (Top Coat)
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Turn an avid 2" frog into a mouse. 

Fold paper and draw ear pattern as shown. 

Test fit on blank. when it is right, unfold it and mark stencil plastic where you want the ears cupped. 

Punch holes in a piece of 1/4" craft foam where you want the ears cupped. 

Use a heat gun to vacuu-form the ears. 

Fold the plastic to match the two indents. 

Lay your paper pattern on the fold, putting the cups in the best looking place.

Cut them out then attach to frog  blank using the fold line and the seam on lure as a guide. The beginning of the ears should sit just behind the eyes. 

Painting does not require an airbrush. 1st coat as follows:

bottom - Createx T med gray.  Sides - o white. Top - T dark brown.

Apply the second coat sparsely, leaving plenty of brush strokes showing the first coat. 

Bottom - o white. Sides - T dark brown. Top - T med gray. 

Tail: Lay some black, brown, or grey maribou fibers flat on a treble and whip finish. 

The eyes were made with a thin coat of wicked P black sprayed over silver eyes. 






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Bottom: P white

Side and top:  black - fade to white


Same area: wicked gold


Upper side:  T olive or thin olive green (com art chrome green with few drops com art burnt oj)

Comb: 8t

Side (all way down): olive drab (olive drab with few drops T black)

Top, socket: blend olive drab


Bottom, gill: P white

Irridescent eyes or silver eyes w few thin coats of P white

Pearl glitter in epoxy

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2 hours ago, HWiese said:

thanks a mill, you dont have any pics of one you have done ?


2 hours ago, HWiese said:

thanks a mill, you dont have any pics of one you have done ?

I do but what I did is to turn it into a trout I just stippled spots on it.  


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On 2/28/2019 at 2:08 AM, HWiese said:

Hi there guys 

Does any one have the recipe for Megabass vision oneten Wakasagi color?

Much appreciated

Have not seen one in person, will have to visit the tackle shop. 

Based on pictures it looks like:

thinned pearl white over entire bait

black on upper portion

thinned pearl yellow over the black (just enough to give a dark gold color)

lightly dust peral yellow with detail or transparent sepia until it looks right

thinned pearl plum on tail section

lightly mist remaining pearl white area with iridescent blue.


I will give one a go here soon and see how close I got it from a bass pro shop picture... ;)

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Need a name for this one, since it's my original.  Might be a good spring color, being both red & bluegill.  I'm proud of how simple it is while still having a distinct look.

1. black top & yellow belly (middle unpainted)

2. olive/moss green vertical stripes

3. red scaling on sides


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