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Hook Types And Alternatives

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I couldn't find a thread that has them listed but could we work together in creating a thread of Hook Types and what alternative hooks work as well?


From what I've gathered thus far....


Mustad 32786BLN can be replaced by the Owner 5304 as well as EL111BP (By this I mean, if the mold calls for a 32786, you could opt for the Owner 5304 or the Eagle Claw EL111BP) - I haven't tried this, so if it's not true please say so here.


Eagle Claw 730 can be replaced by the Owner 5317


Are there any others out there?


I'd like to get an ongoing list of what we've found that works.

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Understood, but wouldn't it be nice to have ONE Post with all of the hooks listed? Maybe even sticky the post for a user friendly thread. If I do a search on hooks I currently have to read two pages worth of threads to determine which thread is discussing the hook and mold that I'm wanting to have an alternative for.


Hmmm, I'd like to be able to edit my first post so I can keep it updated.


Some additions I found...


For the Mustad 32786 - Gamakatsu 2014 which is an EWG hook and the Eagle Claw EL786BP

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We thought about doing this but the amount of molds and hooks for them will take a lot of time to compile and the it really isn't needed. All you need to do is go to Barlows and look at a mold and they have alternative hooks listed and they are pretty good. They maky have missed one or two but for the most part it is accurate and if you do run across something then someone here can help.

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