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I have a 2002 Bass Tracker Pro Team 165 boat that has a single fishing rod storage area on the port side that can only contain 6'6" rods and I have more 7' rods than 6'6" rods and I'm trying to figure out how to extend this rod locker to fit these longer rods? I don't want to cut before I know that there might be a easier way to do this.. Any help would be great! Keep on Fishin'.

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I had a 2003 Tracker, and this is what I did.

The rod locker ended in an aluminum "tube" that was really a slot with the tip folded back over itself, forming a closed tube.

I opened the front access panel, bent that aluminum tip back toward the bow until the tube was open and clear.

When I put longer rods in, up to 8', they would go all the way forward until they rested against the inside face of the hull at the bow.

I glued some indoor/outdoor carpet to the hull surface to cushion where the rods hit, and it worked fine from then on.

I did use rod sleeves on my rods in storage, so the tips wouldn't get tangled, since they weren't separated.

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