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Solving Pouring Problem With Do-It Molds Pouring

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I know that most of us use or have used Do-It molds to make our lures and as of the last few years getting the molds to pour a complete lure has become a problem in some of the molds. I have worked with the molds by using dremel tools on many of them and nothing I tried ever helped at all other than mess the molds up. I have made many molds with RTV silicone which some were good and some not so good but one of the suggestions from the RTV people was to put talc powder in the mold cavities prior to pouring shaking out the excess then it dawned on me to try the same thing on all my aluminum molds that were giving me a problem and it worked great. Simply heat your mold as a standard procedure then open the mold then put a fair amount of talc powder into each cavity of the mold then close the mold and shake it around a bit then dump out the excess talc powder then add your hooks and etc to the mold and pour the lead. In some molds you will have to add the powder before every pour and at other times you can add powder about every 3 pours. The talc has no effect that I have noticed when I paint the lures. Do not use conrnstarch, it will only burn, use only talc powder. I presume that the powder is so slick that it allows the lead to slide into the mold much easier. It works every time.

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That sounds like alot of extra work.i had same problem with pouring lead. Then I started melting lead on a fish fry burner. The lead gets hotter I never had any problems with pouring. I find its faster also.i pour 100 spinnerbait heads in less than a hour. Same with jigs.

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